Published Paper: Data-driven action to close the gender health gap

Published: 19.07.2022
We are proud to have worked in partnership to tackle the issue of gender inequality in healthcare. We gathered some exceptional minds from the data and health sectors to focus on the gender health

Bright Initiative by Bright Data Commits Support to Data-driven Action to Enhance Women’s Safety

Published: 23.06.2022
from businesswire.com Bright Initiative by Bright Data Commits Support to Data-driven Action to Enhance Women’s Safety Bright Initiative to partner with influential Women in Data network to develop recommendations to better utilise data in tackling violence against women and girls; Partnership

How to ace a delivery – Part 1: communicate

Published: 07.04.2022
Read more about TheThrivingAnalyst.com The day I realised accuracy wasn’t enough I used to think that to be a good analyst, all you needed to do was to deliver quality work on time. I took pride in the way I was double-checking my work to reduce the number of mistakes, and in the fact that I

PPP A Women’s Health Agenda Report

Published: 31.03.2022
Women in Data® are honoured to have attended the launch event for this ground-breaking report at the National Gallery on 11th March 2022.  Women’s health is one of the most political issues of our time. Much like the rest of society, health systems have been created by men for men – and

Women’s History Month – Sophie Duffy

Published: 28.03.2022
I graduated from University one month before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which meant jobs for graduates were few and far between. My friend, who at the time worked for Nectar 360, asked me if I wanted a one month temp role to help with workload. Ten years later I was still there! I feel

My Data Career in Insurance – Elspeth Hackett

Published: 25.03.2022
Elspeth Hackett, Director of Home and Underwriting at esure My Data Career in Insurance After completing a degree in music to become a professional trumpeter it became clear that wasn’t a sustainable career choice (I knew that before, but it was great fun!). Like many young graduates I was

Kubrick Story – Emma Baldachin

Published: 23.03.2022
I joined Kubrick after finishing my master’s degree at the University of Manchester in Physics and Philosophy. Growing up, I loved maths and physics. I was very much one of those kids who was obsessed with black holes, as well as the concept of time and consciousness, all those deep life

Debbie Kerr, Data Scientist at M&G – City University of London Data Bites webinar

Published: 14.03.2022
Watch Webinar Please note, you will need a Zoom account to view the recording Access Passcode:

Celebrating Women in Data and Technology

Published: 07.03.2022
Happy International Women’s Day from Women in Data® Our community truly inspires us every day. Take a look at the incredible women around you and celebrate their achievements. We’d love to see who inspires you to #breakthebias. Tag us in your International Women’s Day celebrations Follow us

Meet the future Women in Data star Kamila, a girl in Data firmly fixed on a career in Data!

Published: 11.02.2022
Hi! I’m Kamila and my journey with data science started with the 2020 Girls in Data (GiD) summer school. Having a lot more free time because of lockdown,I thought I’d sign up for the programme and try something new. It turned out to be a great decision! The summer school guided us through

Women in Data launches new initiative to support people experiencing menopause

Published: 26.01.2022
By Jess Middleton, DataIQ Women are all too familiar with the impact of gender bias in data. Females are more likely to be seriously injured in car accidents than men, less likely to be recognised by voice recognition software, and far less likely to have access to suitable PPE. From technology to

Twenty in Data & Tech star Louise Maynard-Atem on BBC sounds

Published: 26.01.2022
If you missed her this morning, you can still catch the luminary and Twenty in Data & Tech star Louise Maynard-Atem on BBC sounds. Louise was up at the crack of dawn for her session with BBC Radio 5live, Louise talks all things Digital, Fraud and Data on #WakeuptoMoney  catch up here  

Addressing gender balance in data

Published: 10.12.2021
By Paul Hollands, Chief Data Officer – Hastings Direct We’re proud to work in partnership with Women in Data to provide opportunities for our colleagues who work (or aspire to work) in data. The contribution and expertise of our data professionals is celebrated in our business, yet we

Three cheers for Karen and the Women in Data podcast

Published: 03.09.2021
This week Women in Data podcasts returned after a short summer break and we have several reasons to cheer them. Apart from the podcast’s return with some great content, Karen-Jean Francois and the Women in Data podcast was recognised this week in the Top 50 Women UK Podcasts. She keeps company

Women in Data statement of support

Published: 23.08.2021
As part of our community, we want to let you know that we value you, and that our thoughts at Women in Data go out to you, and all those affected by COVID-19: if there is ever a time to come together, it is now. In light of this pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation are prudent and

Women in Data: Lisa McKenna – Engaging with Tomorrow’s Data Stars.

Published: 25.06.2021
Engaging with Tomorrow’s Data Stars I recently gave a data careers talk to a group of Year 11 girls from a local school, and I can tell you it was one of the most nerve shredding experiences of my life. Having been a teenage girl myself I can easily remember how much I rolled my eyes when

Pamela Cook: Take the risk to walk the road less trodden and reap the rewards of successful entrepreneurship

Published: 07.06.2021
I walked into the meeting and yet again, I was the only woman in the room. Despite being one of the most senior stakeholders in attendance, just getting my voice heard was a challenge. And despite making a great impression and securing a deal, the offer was later rescinded after I found out a few

Manjiry Tamhane, Global CEO – Gain Theory. Women in Data coffee confidential

Published: 28.04.2021
In this Women in Data Coffee break, Payal and Roisin have the pleasure of catching up with the phenomenal Manjiry Tamhane. Manjiry was awarded one of the Twenty in Data & Tech role model positions in 2017 and since then doors just keep on opening! Manjiry shares what it meant to her to receive

Glass half full or glass ceiling?

Published: 05.03.2021
This International Women’s Day, we consider what’s next for women in data and technology International Women’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the role of women in data and technology – but while we’ve come a long way, there’s still plenty more to do. While there are certainly

Is age just a number?

Published: 23.02.2021
About Me: What is the most a 17-year-old can do? Let me tell you. I just turned 17 this year and I’m a passionate teenage girl, who is determined to explore my thriving data industry. I want to be the voice that inspires and motivates more girls to take Stem careers further. I also want to make

Part 1: Discovering my calling and transitioning

Published: 26.05.2020
By Elektra Papazoglou Data Science, being such a new field, is not a career I envisioned when I first chose a field of study. At the time, I thought of pursuing a career in research, following clues and testing hypotheses, to create something novel and impactful. My journey to becoming a data

Part 2: Now that I’m walking, how do I run? – the move from junior to senior

Published: 26.05.2020
By Elektra Papazoglou Part ii: Now that I’m walking, how do I run? – the move from junior to senior At last, I had earned my golden ticket. My first official role as a data scientist was at a boutique consulting firm. That meant a lot of experimenting with algorithms and working on

Part 3: Starting over yet again – my role at Kalido

Published: 26.05.2020
By Elektra Papazoglou Part iii: Starting over yet again – my role at Kalido Kalido is an AI-driven matching engine that continuously matches members of organizations, non-profits and universities to unmet demand. It has a social component, which would ordinarily leave me uninterested in

Survival guide for self-isolation – Part One

Published: 01.04.2020
By Lydia Chong We are in the midst of a pandemic, the country is in lock down and the nation is hoarding toilet paper. Fear, stress and a sense of loss are completely natural reactions, especially for those who are on the frontline fighting against Coronavirus, as well as those who are vulnerable

Self-isolating while expecting: maintaining work-life balance when there’s no certainty

Published: 31.03.2020
First time moms really want it to be perfect, and by that I mean, you’re trying to take decisions well ahead to cope with your lack of knowing. Being in startups for the past 10 years, I feel like I have been equipped for that task very well. Planning for the unknown is very much like building