Women in Data UKTM 2018 – great speakers, venue and partners. Record numbers.

We were delighted to have 1000 data professionals at the 2018 Women in Data UK landmark event. We extended the event format, with speakers, development sessions and all-day exhibits to inspire the WiD UK community. Workshops were fully booked within 30 minutes of being made available!

We thank all our incredible partners whose support enables us to make this event free for attendees. Each partner actively promotes the importance of gender diversity, which they made clear in their presentations.


WATCH: Overview video of Women in Data UK 2018, the largest UK data event of its kind.


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Our Partners and Women in Data in the news

“Didn’t you know I was shy?!” – How a WiD overcame her biggest fear

Published: 05.07.2019
When I started secondary school, I was so shy that my teachers expressed concern about the fact that they could not hear me answering questions, even though I was seated in the front row. Fourteen years later, I moved to London, bringing my shyness and introversion with me. Alone and far from home, I navigated this amazingly crazy city that has so much to offer. But there I was, hiding behind a screen, limiting myself to an unsatisfying job because I was afraid to speak up for myself and could not figure out what direction to take to my career. That’s when it hit me! How could I know where I wanted to be if I had no visibility on what was available to me? Wanting to discover how data analytics was used in various industries, almost five years ago, I signed up to attend the first ever Women in Data UK event. I was in for a big surprise. Not only did WiD satisfy my curiosity about what was going on out there in industry, it also gave me access to a network of inspiring women who happily share their experience, success stories, failures and do not shy away from giving tips and advice. Thanks to WiD, I’ve had the opportunity to get coached by very senior women such as Helen Hunter and Gabrielle De Wardener, the latter whom after five years, I still meet regularly for breakfast. Today, WID is a source of inspiration for me. I have started Data Ladies, a meet-up where women working in data analytics and data science can get together in a casual environment, share knowledge and tips and talk about things that matter to them. The very friendly atmosphere of WiD events make it easy to go there alone and meet interesting women. Moreover, they push me to get out of my comfort zone, which comes in very handy in my day to day job.

Women in Data UK Meet-up 18th July – Sainsbury’s group

Published: 26.06.2019
18th July – Sainsbury’s Group Delve into the world of retail analytics at Women in Data UK and Sainsbury’s Group’s meet-up. We’re excited to showcase the best of Sainsbury’s talent as they offer the chance to explore how they operate and give their top tips. Sessions and Topics Helen Hunter, Group Chief Data Officer – Welcome Villy Rapti, Insights Analyst – Don’t store granola in silos Emilie Lhomme, Data Scientist – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! How We’re Automating complex decisions with Machine Learning and Maths Chris Bernans, Head of Technology for Data & Data Engineering & Ellen Pattison, Data Product Manager – Grand (Data Engineering) Designs: tips for packing, moving and settling into your new (ware)house Laurie Rosten, Data Analyst – Space – the final frontier Lizzie Harris, Senior Customer Analytics Manager – You do you Q&A – Questions and answers with: Helen Hunter, Group Chief Data Officer, Lizzie Harris, Senior Customer Analytics Manager, Jo Zhou, Product Manager Enda Ridge, Chief Data Scientist, Chris Bernans, Head of Technology for Data & Data Engineering & Chaminga Chandratillake, Chief Data Officer When: 17.30 – 20.30 on Thursday, 18 July 2019 Where: 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT Who should attend? Data practitioners of all levels

Women in Data UK Meet-up 4th July – TUI group

Published: 10.06.2019
4th July – TUI Group TUI Group invites their local data community to discuss the importance of women in data. Datatech Analytics and TUI Group are delighted to bring you an exciting evening of discussion from TUI’s most inspirational employees. As the world’s number one tourism business, there’s no better opportunity to find out how an international company approaches gender parity. There will be plenty of time for networking as well as food and drink. Sessions and Topics Kinnari Ladha, Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence – The digital transformation journey at TUI Amiy Chatley, Digital Analytics Manager for Marketing – The www. of working at TUI – Where, Why, What Anthony Channon, Head of Data Science – Group – If data made holidays Hirra Sulanki, Head of Digital Analytics – UK&I – How to make friends & influence data within TUI When: 18:00 – 20.30 on Thursday, 4 July 2019 Where: Venue 360, 20 Gipsy Lane, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3JH Who should attend? Male & female data practitioners of all levels

Women in Data UK Meet-up 27th June – RBS

Published: 03.06.2019
27th June – Royal Bank of Scotland Who should attend? Data Scientists & Data Engineers of all levels Discover the exciting world of data science and engineering in banking at Women in Data UK and Royal Bank of Scotlands Meet-up. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from RBS’s inspirational employees as well as joining in with interactive networking and a guide on upskilling. Bindu Bakrania, Senior Analytics Manager, Commercial & Private Banking, Data & Analytics – Breaking the banking stereotype Claire Thompson, Head of Data Innovation & AI, Commercial & Private Banking, Data & Analytics – A career in numbers – From MI to AI and everything in between Graham Smith, Head of Data Innovation, RBS Data & Analytics – RBS’s journey towards becoming an AI-first bank Victoria Stephens, Team Lead – Risk Decision Analytics – Building the bank of the future – Launch of the Natwest Data Academy Location and times When: 17.30 – 20.30 on Thursday, 27 June 2019 Where: RBS, 280 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4RB

Women in Data UK Meet-up 13th June – GroupM

Published: 17.05.2019
13th June – GroupM Who should attend? All levels of data practitioner, with an interest in the world of advertising Women in Data UK and GroupM have collaborated to bring you an incredible evening of inspiration, technical talks and networking. Charlotte Frijns, GroupM UK CFO – Charlotte will introduce GroupM. Presented by Xaxis – Driving better advertising Outcomes through AI Olga Zaitseva, MediaCom Business Science Director – Optimising media budget allocation with MediaCom’s Media Optimisation Tool Ross Barnes, M/Six Group Chief Technology Officer – Panel Discussion: The Evolution of Data within Advertising Panellists: Lily McCann, Wavemaker Head of Data and Technology Bini Yoheswaran, M/Six, Analytics Director Emma Whitehouse, Mediacom Business Science Director Silvia Sparry, Xaxis Managing Director Operations EMEA Catherine Cooke, Mindshare Business Director & Bethan Herring, Wavemaker Data Scientist – A session with two female Group M rising stars Location and times When: 17.45 – 21.00 on Thursday, 13 June 2019 Where: Mediacom, 124 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8RX

Women in Data UK Meet-up 6th June – Vanquis Bank

Published: 17.05.2019
6th June – Vanquis Bank Who should attend? All levels of data practitioner Women in Data UK and Vanquis Bank are excited to bring you an evening of talks, networking and an interactive session – all with great views of London from the 28th Floor of the ‘Walkie Talkie’. Esther Hollingsbee, Head of Digital – Welcome from your host Data and the Vanquis customer – Group of Vanquis analysts including: Katy Everett, Senior Robotics and AI Manager Stephanie Lewis, Credit Risk Policy Manager Evan Williams, Portfolio and Business Development Director Amy Chapman, People Development Partner -Expand your Personal Learning Network Julia Warrack, CIO -From GCHQ to Vanquis CIO Location and times When: 18.00 – 21.00 Thursday, 6 June 2019 Where: 20 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3BY    

Announcing WiD UK Partner Meet-ups 2019

2019 sees the start of an exciting Meet-up initiative hosted by Women in Data UK partners. Partner Meet-ups for 100 delegates give our community the chance to hear about data trends and, importantly, more opportunity to network.


Women in Data UKTM 2018. It’s your time! Changing the data landscape.

The number of delegates at the Women in Data UK annual event has doubled year on year to 1000 in 2018. We have enjoyed dozens of speakers of the highest calibre and seen the WiD UK community grow to 20,000. 12 of our WiD UK colleagues and participants were recognised in the DataIQ 2018 Big 100. Our Chair, Payal Jain, was No1 Data Titan in 2016 and in 2018 is on the CW long-list for UK influential women in tech. In partnership with Edwina Dunn and The Female Lead, we announced the second Twenty in Data and Technology to act as role models, following the huge success of the inaugural Twenty. Our growth has led to leading brands joining us as partners, to advance data and diversity initiatives in their own organisations, and to encourage women in the data sector at every stage of their careers from graduate to boardroom.

WiD UK 2018 featured some of the most influential women in the data sector, as speakers and on panels, which included a public sector panel and a panel hosted by our Platinum partner, Experian, on the critical matter of Data Trust. We were also delighted to have Liz Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, open the event.

WiD UK 2018 was a busy, varied and positive day … indeed, another a landmark event.

What happened at WiD UK 2018?

Helen Hunter urges attendees to ‘have courage’
Sainsbury’s CDO gave a powerful, open and honest presentation about her career challenges, agile goals and the confidence gap that faces females in STEM.

Data Science is hot, which raises issues of trust
Experian hosted a panel that explored people’s attitudes to privacy and trust, and organisatons’ responsibilities to be ethical and transparent. Lloyds Banking Group provided insight into how Data Science can be applied, monitored and adapted.

An event that perfectly blends inspiration and practical guidance
Amanda Parker invited attendees to tap into their early-life ambitions; Kathryn Parsons mapped gender ratios in STEM and announced new data academies; while Liz Truss invited the WiD community to use their combined voice for positive action.

Network, network, network!
WiD UK events are characterised by their openness and intimacy. The 2018 event gave attendees full access to partner representatives and speakers throughout the day. Attendees also had time to get to know each other in workshops and during event breaks. These networking opportunities are at the core of WiD UK’s ability to facilitate peer relationships that provide immense ongoing support for female data practitioners.


Women in Data UK
is proud to be working in partnership
with Edwina Dunn and The Female Lead