Women in Data® is committed to furthering the careers of our community members.

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Women in Data® is a movement and a force for change in the realm of data science and analytics.

Women are hugely under-represented across STEM fields, and the Data industry is no exception – as things stand, male Analysts and Data Scientists outnumber their female colleagues 4 to 1. Addressing this imbalance isn’t just the right thing to do ethically. Data shows that everything from workplace satisfaction, to business profitability significantly improve when an organisation strives for greater diversity and inclusivity.

Women in Data® plays a key role in driving for more accurate representation wherever data is being gathered and analysed.

We provide the platform that allows professionals at all levels to share their knowledge and experience, while working alongside businesses to help them embrace and develop the enormous advantages generated by diversity.

The changes we’re affecting are cultural and systemic. Offering everything from professional networking and knowledge transfer, to our Women’s Health Commission, Women’s Safety Commission and Girls in Data initiative. Partnering with Women in Data® brings fantastic organisational, reputational and commercials benefits.

Our work is creating measurable impact for the partners we support and the community we host.

WATCH: Overview video of Women in Data 2023, the largest UK data event of its kind.

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Women in Data® is very proud of its highly supportive partners. Our partners share with us a commitment to promoting data as a driving force in industry and the value of diversity within the data sector. By working closely with partners we are able not only to stage this huge event, but also to get closer to business programmes that are shaping the world of data today.

We invite you to get involved as a partner in Women in Data® to promote the value of women in data and technology. Opportunities include speaker slots, session hosting, exhibition spaces, promotion to our 25,000+ members, press profiles and association with the highly successful Twenty in Data Collection, and hosted Meet-ups throughout the year.


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