Bright Initiative by Bright Data Commits Support to Data-driven Action to Enhance Women’s Safety

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Bright Initiative by Bright Data Commits Support to Data-driven Action to Enhance Women’s Safety

  • Bright Initiative to partner with influential Women in Data network to develop recommendations to better utilise data in tackling violence against women and girls;
  • Partnership begins with summit bringing together data leaders from government departments, public agencies and the private sector to discuss issues and set path towards policy recommendations in line with the UK’s National Data Strategy (NDS)

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Bright Initiative, a global programme and organisation by Bright Data that uses public web data to drive positive change, is embarking upon a major new programme of work that will help use the power of data to tackle violence against women and girls. Working with the Women in Data network of over 25,000 data professionals, the programme is set to draw on research and high-level discussions in developing recommendations.

The Bright Initiative is instigating this programme in recognition of the role that data can play in tackling a major social issue, with women facing threats to their safety every day. Whilst there is growing recognition of the issue, there is much more that can be done to ensure that effective data collection, sharing and application, enables society to address threats to women’s safety on and offline. This programme will build on a flagship Women in Data Week 2021 event that brought together a group of individuals with a range of perspectives to consider the role that data can play in improving women’s safety in society.

To begin the process of developing recommendations, the Bright Initiative by Bright Data will next week host a summit of data leaders in Government departments, public agencies and major businesses. The event will provide an opportunity for some of the UK’s foremost data experts to debate the role of data in women’s safety, examine the issues and challenges and take the first step to creating a network of changemakers. In particular, the discussion will focus on:

  • How data can be better captured and shared across multiple agencies to identify and enable action on threats to women’s safety
  • The opportunities there are to collect and utilise unstructured public data to identify and act on threats to women’s safety
  • The protections and safeguards that are needed to ensure that reformed data-protection regime does not cause inadvertent threats to women’s safety

Keren Pakes, General Manager of Bright Initiative by Bright Data – the industry leading web data collection platform that powers the Bright Initiative, said:

“The Bright Initiative exists to put data to work in improving the world, and helping to make society safer for women is a clear part of this mission. The fact that women and girls continue to live in fear is shocking, particularly when there is so much that data can do to identify potential threats and enhance protective measures. As the UK Government pushes forward with its Data Reform Bill and the wider NDS it is a real moment of opportunity to make change, so we’re honored to have the opportunity to work with Women in Data to chart a way forward.”

Roisin McCarthy, Founder of Women in Data, said:

“Women in Data is thrilled to have the Bright Initiative’s support in taking forward such an important debate. Better use of data has huge potential to dramatically improve women’s safety but change is needed across a range of agencies. Next week’s event is a major step towards this change, providing space for a diverse group of data professionals to share their experiences and expertise. Our hope is that this is just the start of a journey towards quite literally saving women’s lives.”

About the Bright Initiative

The Bright Initiative was established as a place to make a real impact on our people’s lives. We offer our innovative, data-driven technology and products, know-how, vast expertise, and finely attuned support, aimed at quite literally improving the world as we know it. We focus on three areas:

  • Academic: Fueling academic research & providing educational programs
  • Environmental protection + public wellbeing: Promoting environmental protection initiatives & powering public well-being organizations
  • Web transparency: Driving web transparency initiatives & global regulations
  • Public policy: Driving data-driven strategies to benefit our economy & society

To read more about the Bright Initiative, click here

About Bright Data

Bright Data is the industry-leading web data platform. Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and small businesses rely on Bright Data’s solutions to retrieve public web data in the most efficient, reliable, and flexible way so they can research, monitor, train their systems and analyze data to run better strategies and inform decision-making.

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