Meet the Women in Data UK team

Roisin McCarthy

Roisin McCarthy

The incredible talent and spirit within our community, keeps us focussed to deliver bigger, bolder and brighter opportunities for Women in Data!

Starting her career as a junior recruiter in 2000, focusing exclusively on data and analytics, McCarthy has forged her career by building relationships between people who want to develop their careers and those who need the rare skills that these people can provide. As a result of her own efforts, over two thousand people have moved into more satisfying roles and dozens of teams put together. Furthermore, she has managed a successful team of professional recruiters which, over the years, has placed thousands more. Today, she runs the successful recruitment firm, Datatech Analytics, and is the co-founder of the ground-breaking initiative, Women in Data UK. Over the past 19 years, McCarthy has been responsible for building some of the UK’s most cutting-edge data teams and has facilitated some of the most influential and successful careers in this sector, building relationships, influence and firm friendships along the way. McCarthy is seen as a thought-leader and an authority on careers, team development and talent acquisition in the field. Her unrivalled network of contacts, commitment to the data and analytics community and her unwavering passion for building strong, skilled teams is what makes her so unique.



Rachel Keane

Rachel Keane

Watching the Women In Data UK community and message become larger and clearer is the most energising way to spend your time! Time is limited, but energy is endless!

Rachel Keane is a veteran recruiter with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, and a co-founder of Women in Data (WiD) UK, an organisation that aims to achieve gender parity in the field of data science and analytics. Rachel enjoys pushing boundaries, asking questions and is passionate about liberating people from their societally-imposed boxes to realise their full potential. This drives Rachel to work tirelessly for the promotion of female participation in the sciences, in particular the field of data science and analytics.

As a fundamentally creative person, Rachel pursued a Bachelor of Arts with Honours at Nottingham Trent University where she dreamt of a career at Karen Millen but was beaten out by candidates with a stronger grasp of mathematics! Without letting this impede her, she focused on her strengths and decided to tackle bigger challenges outside of the fashion world, armed with motivation, people-centric values and attention to detail. She embarked on her journey as a recruiter and communications expert and thrived in this fast paced environment.

Some of Rachel’s notable accomplishments with WiD UK includes 2 invitations to 11 Downing Street in recognition of the work done by WiD, and interviews with BBC South Today. She mentors young women in their careers and speaks at schools to cultivate a love for STEM in children. She is excited about the launch of her new project Girls in Data UK in January 2020 and the collaboration with RANKIN.


Twitter: WomeindataUK, EmpowerRax

Payal Jain

The amazing thing about data is that you can solve the world’s biggest problems through the data we have access to.

Payal is a Managing Director at JCURV, a management consultancy company whose mission is to increase the agility of UK PLC by helping companies radically change the way they leverage data. Previous to this, Payal has held several executive roles in the Banking and Finance industry for the last 18 years including Existing Customer Management and Loans Director at Vanquis Bank and Managing Director of Strategic Analytics at Barclays, responsible for all the analytics in the UK and European Credit Card and Lending division across 8 countries.

Payal is the Chair of Women in Data, whose mission is gender parity in all data roles, especially at a senior level. In 2016, Payal was recognised as the most influential data professional in the DataIQ Top 100 leaders in the UK. In 2019, Payal was recognised in the HERoes Top 100 Women Executives in the UK and highly commended in the category of Digital and Technology in the Asian Women of Achievement Awards.


Twitter: @PeejJain @JCURVs  @WomeninDataUK

LinkedIn: Payal Jain JCURV

Emma Randall
Events & Administration Manager

WiD UK is all about the women that form its community – personally, they provide an abundance of inspiration and are a joy to connect with on a daily basis.

After a 10-year career working for The Evergreen Group Ltd within administration, I was approached by Women in Data UK to undertake the role of Administration Manager to assist them in the fundamentals of organising the second WiD UK event in 2016. It has been a pleasure to see the community grow exponentially to in excess of 20,000 delegates globally and I’ve been bowled over by the impact this initiative is having in the data and analytics sector.

I primarily deal with keeping the community abreast of news and events running throughout the year via social media, and the development of our WiD UK Meet-up programme that was launched in 2018. All registration and enquiry details are my responsibility along with finding organisations to collaborate with to continue making Women in Data UK fresh and exciting!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my four-year-old girl and am currently trying to prepare myself for the arrival of her younger brother or sister, due in February 2020! When I get the chance, I love to cook and indulge in my passion for history.

If you have any queries regarding attending any of the Women in Data UK events, please get in touch:


Henrietta Sauleek
Events Director

I love seeing our attendees walk into an event as delegates and walk out as members of a powerful network.

Women in Data UK are proud to have on our team, the logistical powerhouse that is Henrietta Sauleek: An extrovert with a talent for turning ideas into reality. As Director of Events, Henrietta is responsible for coordinating WiD’s activities; such as meet ups, speaker engagements and the flagship event. This monumental task of organizing the Women in Data flagship conference, requires the strategic foresight of a chess grandmaster and superhuman organizational skills. Henrietta is passionate about every aspect of event management and planning, especially when it serves to inform, empower and enlighten people.

With over 10 years of experience in the hotel industry, Henrietta honed her abilities in sales and event planning working at IHG, one of the UK’s largest hotel chains. She demonstrated her aptitude by elevating the smallest hotel in the chain to the top ten managed hotel by the end of her IHG career. With her keen eye for improvements, diligence and persistence, she raised her profile in IHG to become Salesperson of the year for the UK. Her inexorable energy, passion, attention to detail, grit, and ability to anticipate people’s needs, make her a vital member of WiD.

Henrietta is highly driven and motivated to make every WiD conference bigger and better. She has been heard saying that she enjoys ‘working ridiculously long hours to achieve success’. The 2019 conference is predicted to have over 1000 attendees high profile speakers, panels, interactive workshops and a plethora of exhibitors, as well as a schedule with multiple breakout sessions brimming with activity. As such, her hard work, logistics and operations prowess will be instrumental to the success of this conference.


Sane Seven
Event photography

Sane Seven

We’d rather be a part of the change than talk about the need for it.

Sane Seven is a UK based photography duo that consist of an artist and photographer Viktorija Grigorjevaite and a creative director Dr. Marius Janciauskas.

A couple in real life, the duo in known for their unconventional portraits of high profile celebrities and business leaders and creative advertising campaigns gracing billboards from Amsterdam to New York.


Avenue 29
Event videography

Avenue 29

Video content for this year’s 20 in Data was created by Dom Braithwaite at Avenue29 Video. Dom has worked across journalism, TV and online production and launched Avenue29 in the UK with the aim of combining high-quality video and meaningful content with affordability to make video accessible for everyone. He works with everyone from entrepreneurs to multinationals, always with the aim of making the process and product better: a better experience, better quality or better value than anyone else.

Why do you work with WiD?

“The 20 in Data & Tech are some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met! As a videographer it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to talk to them and tell their stories. Women in Data is a wonderful organisation to be involved with: the passion for what they do is infectious and the flagship conference is something I’m really looking forward to!”

Contact: Dominic Braithwaite
Mobile: 0749 651 1982

Allround Creative Agency No 5
Digital and marketing agency

Allround agency

Ready, Fire, Aim!

We have seen Women in Data UK grow phenomenally because of the drive and willpower of its founders and the remarkable commitment to change and progress among its community.

It’s been our privilege to work with the WiD UK team on brand, graphics, events and messaging online and in multiple media, as well as to be involved with the promotion of WiD UK’s staunch supporters.

From an instinctive idea fuelled by little but raw determination, Women in Data UK fired a shot across the bows of accepted wisdom and practice in 2014-15. Today, the organisation is able to take laser-like aim at core issues facing the Data sector, through initiatives such as a wide-ranging collaborative survey on skills assessment, to the much-anticipated launch of Girls in Data.

As for many of its community, Women in Data UK has provided a lens through which we at ACANo5 look at the world differently on matters such as diversity, blended teams and analysis. We are very proud to have played a small part in helping these committed women grow a 20,000+ community.

Contact: Colin Printer
Tel: 0118 988 0766