Twenty in Data and Technology 2017

Twenty in Data & Technology: a personal message

We are excited to celebrate this new showcase of inspirational female role models who are helping to transform our world using data and technology.

For the two of us that share a career in Data Science (Edwina and Payal), we frequently find ourselves to be the only senior woman in a room. We have enjoyed this privilege but are also aware of the lack of balance and diversity, and the impact this has on business decisions and outcomes.

‘Twenty in Data & Technology’ is a series of filmed interviews and iconic photographs created by The Female Lead, intended to inspire entrepreneurs, practitioners and young rising stars. These 20 women have made an impressive mark in this still-evolving, rich and dynamic field.

The purpose behind The Female Lead campaign is to make women’s stories more visible and to provide positive role models for future generations. The Twenty in Data & Technology campaign aims to create a step-change in gender parity, particularly at senior levels. This would undoubtedly yield significant competitive advantages to UK businesses and help to mobilise historically untapped talent.

We are proud and delighted to share this inspiring collaboration between The Female Lead and Women in Data.

Here’s to the next generation of female leaders!