Are you curious to know how data is used across industries?  What are the applications? What are the different roles of data professionals? Or maybe you are facing some challenges in your career, and would benefit from some tips to move forward and embrace a successful career in data; no matter what your definition of success is!

Join Karen Jean-Francois every other week as she receives guests talking about their role and responsibilities, and share tips that will help you flourish in your career and feel great! 

“The most amazing thing about Women in Data is the community. It’s the inspiring women you meet, the conversations you have, the mentoring you get access to and the friendships that get created! ” 

Whilst studying to be a Maths teacher in 2010, I fell in love with Data Science and opted for a career change, switching to an MSc in Applied Statistics studying at Université Paris Sud 11. Eight years later i started working for Cardlytics as a Senior Analyst / Manager. My passion is exploring data and finding surprising insights that make a difference to business strategy. Most of all, I thrive on personal development and supporting others in their career and personal fulfillment journey. 

I began athletics at the age of 10 to help overcome my shyness. I ran for several years at county level before leaving Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean. In 2009 I started to train as an international athlete and run the 100m hurdles for France. An incredibly proud moment for me, and the first time I understood the importance and power of role models.  Whilst representing my country was an amazing and such an honour, being far from home and my family was tough. Admiring athletes such as Marie-José Pérec, who was a leader on track and promoted peace, really gave me a focus to continue and strive for more.

Now, as a woman working in data, I have experienced the lack of female role models in industry and I am keen to support Women in Data for the quest to change this.

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This week’s Podcasts

This week, Karen is joined by Susie Moan, Chief Data Officer at In this episode, Susie explains the role and responsibilities of a CDO and touches on the skills and experience needed for the role. She also talks about the importance of data literacy outside of data teams and how appointing a CDO was key to instigating data led change at Lastly, as a mum of 4, Susie shares her personal tips to become a leader while also taking care of your family and your wellbeing.

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