Twenty in Data and Technology 2019

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In collaboration with
N Brown

Twenty in Data & Technology: another amazing collection

Women in Data is thrilled to promote the ambassadors of the ‘Twenty in Data and Technology’ collection for 2019 in collaboration with NBrown. The Awardees will be announced at the Women in Data Annual event on 28th November.

2019’s collection of twenty phenomenal women encompasses every level of seniority and data discipline, and continues to make role models visible in industry.

The 2019 Women in Data collection is characterised by red, which signifies confidence, ambition and drive. Red is the colour of struggle, strength and vitality.

Together, we can change the face of data and technology

Women in Data works to connect women across the profession, providing mentoring and showcasing for real-world female role models. Founded by Roisin McCarthy, and chaired by Payal Jain, their work is having a measurable impact on the career trajectories of today’s practitioners.


N Brown, top 10 UK clothing and footwear digital retailer, is proud to be supporting Women in Data’s Twenty in Data & Technology 2019 series. Ed Watson of N Brown said: “We are proud of our diverse and inclusive workforce and are delighted to be partnering with an initiative that raises the profile of Women in Data.” Read more

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