Bravery Analysis from the Women in Data® Flagship 2023 Event

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Bravery Analysis from the Women in Data® Flagship 2023 Event

If you were one of the women in data that came to our stand or workshop on 9 March, chances are very high that you want to find a way that enables you to Be Braver personally and professionally.

92% of the women who filled in our Bravery Index want to Be Braver professionally.

89% to Be Braver personally.

That is a hell of a lot of frustrated courage, change, growth and innovation waiting to be unleashed.

64% reported keeping their attention focused on failures. The things that often we aren’t solely responsible for.

78% said they discount their success and don’t spend time learning from them.

The very practice which builds our competency in choosing courage and being braver.

Add to this that :-

  • 74% have no clear pathway for thinking about their personal and professional growth
  • 62% aren’t engaged with the networks, stakeholders or influencers that will accelerate their futures
  • 52% don’t like taking risks. 

You can see why many of us have a need to learn a better way to live less fearfully and lead more courageously.

Prioritising creating space, forming a practice and understanding a pathway and framework for professional growth, by building a Be Braver mindset, will increase your personal growth too.

We know from research that courage inspires courage. That 55% of those wanting to Be Braver professionally, are also responsible for inspiring bold, courageous brave behaviours in their teams.

Imagine what happens when you give the Be Braver mindset to leaders. Who then have the tools, language and framework, not only to build and practice courage themselves, but also to be able to build courage in teams.

Whether you, or your teams, need to be advocating for their successes, ask and ideas more. Want to be representing their function, specialism and expertise by challenging decisions and speaking up more in meetings.

Or, you personally want to be building your profile with more authority.

Creating stronger connections, exploring the next steps to setting up your business, pushing for your next role or getting better boundaries in place so you can live more… the Be Braver mindset will provide you with framework to build your own mindset and plan.

A how you, not a how to. How you find clarity, know confidence, create connection and choose courage.

For those who work better one to one we offer coaching and you can also book workshops, coaching, programmes and more if you want to bring a Be Braver mindset inhouse.

If you want to assess whether you are nearer to a limiting mindset or a Be Braver mindset-try our bravery index here and see where your courage potential lays.





Bravery Index:


Caroline Pankhurst is the Founder of Be Braver, a business coaching consultant and psychology doctoral researcher.

A former board director in the commercial sector working on global brands across multiple sectors, she now straddles academia, entrepreneurship, unlearning & development as well as campaigning on equal rights for women.

She launched Be Braver after developing an applied psychology mindset designed to equip individuals with a learnable programme. Practical, measurable and results orientated skills, learning & mindset to achieve personal, career business growth ambitions.


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