Transition your career
into data & tech: 101 Guide

The purpose of this guide is to give you some top tips on how to
successfully transition your career into data and technology
from inspirational women that have made that leap!

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Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

Kubrick exists to solve the digital skills emergency, which includes the gender and diversity divide in the data industry. At Kubrick, we not only strive to bridge the skills-gap in data and next-generation technology, but we are also committed to playing a key role in improving diversity in the tech industry. To that effect, we welcome candidates from all backgrounds, and particularly encourage applications from groups currently underrepresented in the industry, including women, people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds, LGBTQ+ people, people with disability and those who are neurodivergent.

Our partnership with Women in Data is a pivotal avenue to connect with women across the industry, where we can listen, learn, and share in order to improve the experiences of those who are already transforming businesses with data, looking to pivot their career into data, and encourage today’s graduates and junior professionals to join the technology revolution.


Hazel Chesters (1)
Hazel Chesters
Senior Associate
Mirela Gyurova (1)
Mirela Gyurova
Data Engineer
Lauren Swan (1)
Lauren Swan
Data Engineer
Yewande Bankole
Yewande Bankole
Data Product Consultant

How Kubrick see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

Since 2016, we have seen unprecedented growth of data collection and use, which is only set to accelerate. Kubrick supports organisations across all industries by building a workforce capable of meeting today’s greatest data, AI, and next-generation technology challenges.

As the technology available develops and transforms at an equally incredible speed, we must anticipate the needs of businesses and train our data, AI, and technology professionals in the skills which the landscape will require for the next 5 years. We have also expanded our offering in recent years to those looking to pivot into data, AI, and technology, and given them opportunities to lead teams of Kubrick consultants across a variety of engagements. This expansion benefits both clients, who require the support of technical leads who can successfully see a project through to completion, and individuals that wish to transition into a new area of work at a later stage in their career. We also recognise the importance of creating opportunities for those looking to pivot their careers into tech.

Diversity of thought is essential within the world of data, AI, and tech, as inherent biases and inequality can significantly impact projects and solutions. Through our broad range of practices and continuous commitment to diversity and inclusion, we hope to overcome these challenges and create better solutions for all.

about Kubrick

We are an award-winning consultancy that’s committed to closing the digital skills gap and making data, AI, and technology accessible for all. We do this by hiring graduates and junior professionals the relevant skills or experience in data, AI, or technology, and paying them to train over 15 weeks. Once trained, our consultants go on to work as Kubrick consultants with one of our leading UK clients for a period of two years, where they apply the skills acquired to real-world projects and lay the foundations for their career in next-generation technology. After two years on client engagements, consultants can join their clients as full-time employees, remain with Kubrick and explore one of our many senior options, or leave completely. Throughout the two years and beyond, consultants have access to continuous development opportunities where they can grow their skills and knowledge, as well as a dedicated support network. We have also expanded our offering to support those looking to transition into data, AI, and technology at a later stage; creating opportunities for them to lead teams of Kubrick consultants and futureproof their skills in the ever-expanding technology industry.

To date, we have trained and added over 1000 professionals to the data, AI, and cloud ecosystem supporting over 100 organisations and becoming the UK’s 2nd-fastest growing company in the 2020 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 along the way.

Education: BA International Politics from Kings College London (2012-2015)

Expertise: Data Engineering, Python, SQL, AWS

Social media details:

Upon completing her degree in International Politics at Kings College London, Hazel joined Accenture as a Business and Technology Integration Associate. During her 6 years at Accenture, she worked across several industries including Public Safety, Financial Services and Resources. While the role enabled her to understand the strategic benefits of putting data at the heart of a business, she wanted to get closer to the data itself. This led her to upskill in her spare time by taking courses across Python, SQL, Data Ethics and Data Analysis. Equipped with her consultancy experience and her foundational technical skills, she took the leap to join Kubrick Advanced in October 2021.

Since starting her client placement 6 months ago, Hazel has led a Squad of 2 Cloud Engineers and 4 Data Engineers. She is currently working on a project which seeks to create a Global Data Platform that will enable more efficient data sharing, encourage collaboration, and unlock insights from the company’s vast datasets. Through her work she is building her expertise in both AWS and Snowflake and is planning to further enhance her skills with a number of certifications.

She is currently working on helping to define the Data Engineering and Reliability Capability Pillar for Kubrick Advanced which will help to preserve the culture of the team whilst supporting the development of the consultants as Kubrick expands.

Coming from a non-STEM background herself, she is keen for others to see that there isn’t just a standard definition for someone working in the field of data. She actively encourages others to step outside of their defined role to broaden their understanding of the data landscape. Hazel is keen for consultants to see their time at Kubrick not just as the start of their data career but also the opportunity to shape the careers of future data leaders.

Education: MGeol and BSc, Geological Sciences, University of Leeds

Expertise: Data Engineering for Machine Learning

Social media: LinkedIn

After studying Geology at University, Lauren found herself longing to upskill in technology as throughout her master’s she became increasingly frustrated with the amount of variable and unstructured data there was out there, and her inability to solve problems programmatically. As a result, she joined Kubrick as a Data Engineer which is where she found her passion in data and tech. The development opportunities and constant innovation, learning of new tools, concepts, and practices, made her realise this was the career for her.

Since embarking on her client engagement, Lauren has worked on a multitude of data science projects across the business. These have ranged from transactions and behavioural science to risk and treasury projects. She has also worked across a large tech stack and become twice-GCP certified, further enhancing her skills and understanding and opening doors to future opportunities.

As a geologist by nature, Lauren was glad to find herself working in the world of modelling and data science, an area she is keen to learn more about through various guilds etc. Alongside her role, Laurens greatest passion is to empower more women to take the leap into the world of data and technology, and to support them through every step of their journey. She is a firm believer that it’s never too later to make a change towards technology, but also understands we need to tackle women in tech as a grassroots problem and help encourage the next generation that technology is the place for them.

Lauren has been a Coach (SQL and Python) on the Group Wide Coach programme within her client organisation, teaching female and non-binary colleagues coding languages. She has also become part of the working group of a 10-month mentorship programme for young women and has supported the new data science women community within her client organisation where she now acts as a lead within the community.

Education: MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at LSE – Distinction (2018-2019)

BSc Mathematics and Economics at University of Warwick – 1st Class Honours (2015-2018)

Expertise: Machine Learning, Python, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Social media details:

Mirela joined Kubrick in 2019 as a Data Engineer after graduating with a MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. After completing her training and a 2-year development period onsite with a major financial institution, she joined the Training and Development team in March 2022. As an Associate Principal, Mirela trains and shares her expertise in Data Science with new consultants and further develops her technical skillset in Machine Learning and AI. Mirela’s appreciation for technology stems from her capacity as an econometrician as well as her passion for driving a business narrative using data.

Whilst on client site, Mirela drove innovation by implementing a number of Business Intelligence solutions and thus enabling a more data-driven decision-making culture in the business. Additionally, she specialised in the automation of senior-level processes, financial, risk and regulatory MI reports. Throughout her time as a consultant, she developed a strong belief in the transformative impact of a transparent and inclusive working environment on young professionals and businesses. Mirela is an advocate of diversity in technology and the importance of work ethics and is proud to be guiding Kubrick’s consultants in their first steps in data.

Education: Law degree, Lancaster University

Expertise: Data Product

Social media details: LinkedIn

After finishing her Law degree at Lancaster University, Yewande wanted to try something new and exciting that would push herself like never before. Whilst looking for new opportunities, she came across Kubrick’s Data Product stream which enabled her to enter the world of data and technology despite having no prior skills or experience in the field. During the training, Yewande found a genuine passion for data; learning a plethora of new technical skills and business concepts and through her client work,  she has been able to collaborate and work within digital data marketing, seeing the impact data recommendations and analytics can have on digital campaigns. For instance, she has helped teams identify target audiences based through data and used both personal and cookie data to ensure campaigns are reaching the right people. She has also learnt how to quickly become acquainted with a variety of data platforms; ensuring data is being captured, stored, and used correctly by all teams.

Yewande is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and believes people from all backgrounds should be given the opportunity to enter the data and technology field. As a Law graduate herself, she has witnessed first-hand how skills that may seem unrelated to data can in fact apply to a variety of technical practices, and demonstrates that no matter the educational degree there is a place in data for everyone. She hopes to continue to learn and harness new skills and see where her career in data continues to take her.’