Why we’ve partnered with WiD UK 2019

At Kubrick, we are passionate about promoting diversity across the data industry. We understand that in order to tell an unbiased data story, a balanced team, with varied perspectives is vital. Yet, many data teams lack diversity.

It is clear there are too few women working in data, and with a consultant team that is 40% female, we want to help encourage the industry to embrace diversity, like us, in order to make data a feasible career choice for many women.

WiD is giving women in the industry a voice and for this reason alone, we are proud to be a WiD 2019 partner.

Name: Jessica Macleod

Job Title: Data Engineer

Education: University of Surrey BSc Mathematics with Statistics


I am a highly trained Data Engineer working as a consultant for a global consumer goods business on behalf of Kubrick Group.

The purpose of my current project is to centralise the company’s data. This will allow relevant employees fast, reliable access to a database where all relevant information is stored, removing data silos, eliminating the need to chase people for specific datasets and avoiding the loss of data. The ultimate objective of the project is therefore to create one space for data to be stored for the provision of efficient analysis. I am required to work with databases such as MYSQL, MSSQL, design data models and query databases.

To facilitate the centralisation of the company’s data, I have developed an interactive website in Django to upload, visualise and analyse data. Working with a variety of data sources and the Django framework has allowed me to better understand the different functionalities of both the frontend and backend, deepening my appreciation of data.

Aside from the technical aspect of my role, I am also a project manager which means I schedule global meetings with colleagues and external stakeholder on regular basis, set my own deadlines and create project scope documentation. Part of my role is to work out how to leverage current and existing work that has previously been completed to aid development and to standardise employees’ methods of data capture to improve ease of analysis and avoid the loss of data.


At University, I began exploring the world of data whilst completing various projects which had real world applications. A distinctive project I undertook as part of my degree completely changed my view on data. During this project, I used artificial intelligence to train a machine to recognise handwritten signatures using supervised learning. It opened my eyes to the world of data and then after completing University I stumbled upon data consultancy, Kubrick Group.

During an intensive, 16-week, development programme, Kubrick Group broadened my technical knowledge, giving me the opportunity to be trained in the latest data technologies. As a Kubrick Group employee I feel privileged to be able to work on high profile projects with notable clients whilst managing the technical aspect of my work independently, this is mostly unheard of in other companies for someone who is straight out of university.

I am just starting my data career, but I am excited for my future in this field and I hope to continue developing my skills in data. In addition to my professional achievements I am training for a triathlon. I believe in a healthy work/life balance to ensure productivity in the workplace and to keep a healthy mind set.

As a child I would have never envisioned myself as a coder or someone involved with data. This is mainly based on the misperception that those types of jobs weren’t for women! I am happy to see that the times are slowly changing, and we are seeing more influential women coding on TV, social network and in the media.

As a woman in data you will often come across people who say you can’t do something or make you feel as if you can’t. Well, screw them, do it twice and take a picture. Prove them wrong!

Name: Amy Graham

Job Title: Data Engineer

Education: Before embarking on Kubrick’s training programme, I graduated from Durham University with a distinction in MSc Management Finance and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy.


I am a data engineer at Kubrick Group where I work on client site at an investment bank. I primarily work in data visualisation where I build reports to deliver business insights, as well as using tools such as Alteryx to streamline internal processes. In the future I hope to harness some of the skills I developed at Kubrick in Python and machine learning, with some exciting new projects in the pipeline.


I first found myself in awe of the power of data during my internship in business intelligence at Vodafone. I enjoyed the idea of telling a story through data and experienced first-hand the transformation from raw, vast expanses of data, into powerful visualisations that provide real-time actionable insights.

I acted as Scrum Master for agile product delivery of a dashboard, where I was first exposed to SQL and Python. Inspired by this experience, I taught myself some statistical techniques whereby I created a multivariate regression model to predict the learning styles of finance students based on their personality traits and cultural background for my masters thesis.

My background in Philosophy has given me a unique approach to problem-solving that is both analytical and creative. As a woman and a philosopher, I have realised the importance of diversity in data, culminating different ways of thinking and avoiding bias. Kubrick foster an environment of inclusivity and enable people from diverse backgrounds, such as myself, to pursue their passion in data.

Name: Gina Sharma

Job Title: Data Governance Analyst

Expertise: Marketing Mix Modelling & Commercial Analysis


I studied Chemistry at Imperial College London, and later at Kings College London, working hard to achieve a high first-class degree. I have always seen Chemistry as an enabling science; encouraging multidisciplinary advancements. This was reaffirmed during my physical chemistry courses and ancillary classes where I learnt of various machine learning techniques and computational predictive behaviour. This is when I really began understanding the value and potential in data to shape and drive the world around us.


Daily, I provide oversight of lineages, deliver data quality and support data management across our clients’ processes, technologies and people. I am currently working on a compliance project for a large financial firm, I am thrilled with the challenges and support Kubrick have consistently provided to me during my client placement.


During my University studies I spent a year in Panama researching and collating a report on teak deforestation from geopolitical and microfinancing models. The resulting brief assembled over 4 years of data from independent sources, and I presented my analysis/findings to panels of local financial institutions, NGOs and our overseeing corporate partners. I am proud to have been able to contribute to the work which eventually led to new corporate policies on local deforestation.

This is when I really began understanding the value and potential in data to shape and drive the world around us. I strengthened this understanding whilst researching my dissertation. Leveraging computational advancements with molecular dynamics data, I highlighted suitable chemical structures for drugs against antibiotic-resistant infections.

I think the ability to absorb complexity and deliver simplicity is key, and this is something Kubrick has really helped me develop. Both through deepening my technical understanding of data, architecture and governance, and by broadening my view of data and modelling, I can confidently provide unique value-add for our clients.

It is rare to find a company that aligns with your values, and I am proud that Kubrick truly drive and champion diversity across the industry. I look forward to continuing my career in data, and inspiring, supporting and learning from more women in the field.


“Diversity is about more than the necessary promotion equitable social outcomes, it adds value in many ways to the cultural, intellectual, and commercial performance of an organisation.”

How Kubrick see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

Two of the biggest changes we anticipate changing the data industry will be the skills profile of a data professional and the composition of data teams.

Technical proficiency in data professionals will increasingly become a minimum expectation as focus shifts towards data professionals who can successfully deploy soft skills to seamlessly integrate into business areas to add value and explain its significance. This will become more important as the drive to improve organisations’ data literacy ramps up through data transformation programmes across organisations.

Alongside this requirement to better incorporate data into value generating business areas, the future data landscape will be more diverse and more collaborative with the end user in mind. This diversity will have to be multi-faceted incorporating gender, cultural, and cognitive considerations. There is a widening recognition that diversity in project and data teams drives multi-perspective problem solving which in turn generates more imaginative solutions suitable for the broadest number of users.

Diversity is about more than the necessary promotion equitable social outcomes, it adds value in many ways to the cultural, intellectual, and commercial performance of an organisation. This will be ever more important as AI technologies become more widely adopted to support or replace human decision-making.

About Kubrick

As a specialist data consultancy, we offer organisations an alternative way to solve their data challenges.

We employ the brightest junior professionals and transform them into data experts during our intensive, in-house and market leading four-month development programme. Established in 2016, we are now one of the largest employers of female data professionals in the UK.

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