Ep.56 Natalia Lyarskaya – How to build a great data science team (in a start-up)

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This week, Karen is joined by Natalia Lyarskaya, Chief Data Officer at ZestMoney. With a background in applied economics, Natalia made her career in the financial technology sector as a data scientist and later on, as a data leader building data science teams and capabilities. In this episode, she talks about her excitement at working with start-ups and being at the foundation of something new, as well as of her experience building data science teams from scratch. Not only will you hear about the challenges she overcame building and leading distributed teams, but you will also get her insights on how companies can get the most value from their data scientists, and her best tips as to how to align data science work with business objectives while ensuring data scientists and business leaders understand each other.



Show notes


Natalia’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nlyarskaya/

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