Ep.55 Veerle Van Leemput – From data scientist to managing director

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This week, Karen is joined by Veerle Van Leemput, Managing Director at Analytic Health. With a background in data science, Veerle always knew that she wouldn’t be satisfied by working full-time for an employer. Starting as a graduate with a company where she was the only data scientist didn’t help and, she felt like she had to do things independently to grow. That was until she met Greg, her business partner. In this episode, Veerle shares her journey from employee to freelancer to managing director. You will hear about her motivations, how she made it happen, the challenges she faces, and her best tips to succeed as a freelancer or as a data scientist managing a small business. There is something for everyone in this instalment – from newcomers trying to find their first role to individuals trying to find clients, price themselves, and find projects.  Enjoy!
Show notes
Veerle’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/veerlevanleemput/
She recommends Reading The art of thinking clearly

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