Ep.105 Raquel Seville – Thriving Amid Womens Health Challenges

By admin 2 months ago

In this episode, Karen is joined by Raquel Seville, CEO of Dataffluent Limited. They discuss Raquel’s remarkable journey from a data analyst to an entrepreneur, highlighting her impact as a female leader in the Caribbean tech industry. While the conversation delves into the state of data in Jamaica,  the main focus is on the unique challenges women face in balancing career aspirations with personal life, addressing specific female health challenges that can disrupt career progression.

There is no separation between being a woman and being a professional, and Raquel shares her experience going through myomectomy, severe pre-eclampsia, child loss, and multiple miscarriages. She highlights the fact that black women are much more likely to face life-changing health issues than women of other ethnicities, particularly around fertility. As a data professional, Raquel finds it difficult to just accept these as facts and is determined to discover the why as well as solutions.

Find Raquel on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquelseville/

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