Ep.104 – Data Leaders Should Also Be People Leaders

By admin 4 months ago

How do you find career clarity in Data? How do you find the right leader? What are the questions to ask to determine that someone is the right leader for YOU? Also, how does a leader stay current after years in a role? If these are questions you ask, this podcast will help you enormously.

Antje Bustamante and Neha Wadhawan share their experiences on how they navigated their careers and eventually thrived, even when leadership wasn’t people-focused. Hear how they quiz leaders to discover if their values align with their own.Also hear how they would deal today with inadequate leadership or bias that they encountered in the past. You will hear surprising insights about the utility of vulnerability, openness and information transparency in leadership.In their roles, Antje and Neha distinguish ‘management’ from what they see as genuine empowerment.

Find out how to establish boundaries and draw your own red lines while seeking out leaders yet, at the same time, taking responsibility for your career.

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