Ep.106 Megan Lieu – Navigating Adjacent Roles in Data: Data Advocate

By admin 2 months ago

This month marks the 4th anniversary of the Women in Data Podcast, featuring a special guest, Megan Lieu, a Data Advocate at Deepnotes, LinkedIn Instructor, and Data Influencer with over 100k followers. In this episode, Megan reflects on her journey from a finance career to Data Science, highlighting her initial obsession with coding before realizing her strengths lay in communication, project management, and strategic thinking.

Karen and Megan delve into the crucial role of Data Advocates in ensuring the usability of data products, emphasizing the importance of understanding user experience and addressing pain points for effective product development.  Additionally, they discuss the provision of valuable resources and interaction with users to facilitate the efficient utilization of products and tools.

They talk about content creation, navigating social media, and the parallels with Megan’s advocacy role. Megan also shares insights on finding support during career transitions without an established network.

Megan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meganlieu/ 

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