At Knight Frank, the Data Office is at the forefront of the company’s rapidly evolving data culture. We are a growing team with a global footprint, managing multiple facets of Knight Frank’s relationship with data from our CRM to external data sources. Alongside the Data Office, data teams are embedded in the core teams leading in real estate consultancy and building client relationships throughout the UK. Our day-to-day work allows us to face multiple and varied data challenges, providing great opportunities to play an integral part in driving the business forward. As individuals, we are learning all the time.

Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

Knight Frank has business balance at the top of its agenda. We want to recruit, retain and provide an inspiring career development path for our future female data leaders. Partnering with Women in Data, provides another platform to ensure that women at Knight Frank are supported and championed in their chosen data careers.


Vidula Paygude headshot
Vidula Paygude
Senior Associate
Ruth Wetters headshot
Ruth Wetters
Data Scientist
Jodie Anka-Lufford Headshot
Jodie Anka-Lufford
Data Automation Analyst
izzie hague-holmes headshot
Izzie Hague-Holmes
Insight Analyst Capital Markets
Fiona Willcocks Headshot
Fiona Willcocks
Partner, Executive Office
Virginia Dsouza
Virginia Dsouza
Assistant Vice President – Data Office

The journey so far at knight frank and beyond…

Our journey to date can only be described as stratospheric! From a handful of people, not specifically recognised as working in data, to an expanding team that has a Data Office defining the strategy and is impacting and adding value in every area of our business. Data is certainly positioned as one of the core pillars in facilitating the Global Strategy of Knight Frank over the next 5 years. We have some truly inspirational projects in play and some transformational plans to be able to manage this data journey that is underway.

How Knight Frank see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

The next 5 years…in one word, Exciting! From engagement with PropTech to fully understanding how we can embrace and deploy things like AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing; and combine it with some brilliant data people in an environment that is scalable and, most importantly, secure.


There are lots of different opportunities for a career in data; it is as essential in Formula 1 as it is in healthcare. Whatever suits you – whether its solving puzzles, designing & building, advising & leading, the importance and breadth of data’s influence are such that there will be a position for you.

so, where do you start?

Getting into it at first may be daunting, but we all started somewhere – and there is more than one right answer.

When thinking about how our data journeys began, we all started by asking questions and looking for more information. Perhaps this means talking to someone you know in a data role, attending data bootcamps or listening to data podcasts – all these options can give you a good flavour of the opportunities available.

Then when it comes to honing your skills, the internet is overrun with access to free datasets you can use, and there is an abundance of free or paid learning materials is available. Any data path you go decide to go down will help you upskill on any other data path, so jump in and see what interests you!

It isn’t always about data

We aren’t just thinking about data 24/7! We are also aspiring chefs, polyglots, and zen seekers. Surprisingly, we are evenly divided when it comes to wanting pineapple on pizza, but most of us are morning people who prefer tea over coffee.

Gender matters

In 2021, as part of our Gender Matters initiative at Knight Frank, we had the greatest pleasure in hosting Dame Stephanie Shirley. A powerful, compelling and deeply moving personal story, combined with lessons in the Boardroom – and all topical and relevant today.

about Knight Frank

“Knight Frank is a partnership defined by our people and the spirit of possibility”

Knight Frank LLP is the leading, global property consultancy. Headquartered in London, Knight Frank has more than 16,000 people, operating from 384 offices in 51 territories.

Last year, for Knight Frank’s 125th anniversary, we took the opportunity to come together as a global community, united by our common values and a passion and commitment to ensure our business is inclusive and diverse; give every individual the space and opportunity to perform at their best and be recognised for the immense value they bring.

It’s a great place to work and we believe that this approach to our employees and values, ensures the best outcomes and experience for our clients.  

Location: Mumbai, India
Expertise: Data Management & Analytics
Education: M.Sc. Mathematics
Social Media:

A bit about me

Before entering the world of data, I was a Mathematics teacher. This choice of profession was a result of my immense love for both Mathematics as well as teaching. It was through this love for Mathematics that I found an interest in data and then gradually grew to love it as well. Outside work, I love reading, solving sudokus and taking nature walks. I consider myself a yoga enthusiast. Occasionally, I also enjoy dancing on Bollywood tunes!

Why did I join Knight Frank?

When I had applied for a job at Knight Frank, I had never heard of the company (guess, I was in my own bubble) and it wasn’t even on my list of “dream companies”. But I Thank God, that I got an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization and team. There are not many organizations out there who allow people, especially women to foster their interests. Here, I was not just allowed this, but also am motivated to learn new things and apply them at work, encouraged, trained and was provided guidance through the many data professionals in our wider team. I am allowed to be myself and express my interests and things I am passionate about through my job.

What would be your message to other women in the industry?

It is a great industry to be a part of! Always be open to explore and try out new things. I’ve learned this and would strongly recommend women around me to follow it as well to not let any form of failure question your choices, because failure is a steppingstone of success. There are loads of stereotypes and notions related to women in any field, but we must not let it weigh us down.

A bit about me

I am a proud London apologist. I know lots of facts about the Tube. The best things about the capital in my opinion are the food and the people.

My current pet projects are growing chillies and learning how to do weight training. I’ve been doting on the plants and now I have way too many chillies.  Also, I’m volunteering at some music festivals over the summer with Oxfam, which I’d recommend – a free ticket and staff showers.

Why did I join Knight Frank?

I joined Knight Frank because I think the built environment is an interesting lens through which to do analytical work. I pivoted into data science from a degree in Chinese, so I’ve been lucky enough to sample a few different paths before coming here, and I enjoy the combination of technical skills and creative thinking. The expertise in our team is suited to tackling problems related to the climate emergency, and I love projects with a focus on ESG.

What would be your message to other women in the industry?

I love working with other women – there’s a big difference between being the only woman in the room and being one of two. Trust your instincts and yourself. Don’t accept less than you’re worth. I’ve had good experiences with networks for women – lots of us will make extra time to help other women in the industry if we can.

A bit about me

My spare time is filled with fun and diverse activities that help me relax after a hectic work week. I love listening to music, being creative when I can through different forms of art, hanging out with friends and family, and curling up on the couch with a good movie and popcorn. I also enjoy travelling whenever I can afford the time and money, and I have a bucket list of countries that I want to visit someday. Only 20 more to go!

I don’t have any hidden talents like singing or playing an instrument, but I like to think that I have many potential talents that are waiting to be discovered. Maybe one day, I’ll surprise myself and everyone else with something amazing!

Why did I join Knight Frank?

I joined Knight Frank because I wanted to explore a new and fascinating industry. I have always been passionate about property and could watch property shows for hours. But more than that, I love working with data and finding insights that can make a difference. As a Data Automation Analyst at Knight Frank, I have the opportunity to use my data skills in various ways and grow professionally in a supportive environment.

What would be your message to other women in the industry?

My message to other women in data is to be curious and adventurous! Don’t limit yourself to what you already know or do in the data industry. There are so many new data tools and techniques that are constantly emerging and evolving. Learning about them can help you work smarter and more effectively with data and also open up new possibilities for your career. You have the potential to discover and create amazing things with data so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment!

A bit about me

Whilst the younger me might be sad to hear, I am a very energetic and ambitious outdoors person.

I have grown to be an avid runner competing in multiple marathons with plans to start on ultras next, including some challenging trial runs. Rest days are usually spent walking in the woods with my family, followed by a local pub (with a roast of course).

When I’m not lacing my trainers, I like to spend time with my nearest and dearest, from hosting dinner parties to stopping by the latest Tate Modern exhibition.

Why did I join Knight Frank?

I’ve worked across both Publishing and Grocery, so moving into Property was the fresh challenge I was looking for. My experience means I have seen a variety of ways data can benefit businesses and I love sharing ideas with my team.

There are many complexities with the data which I love getting my teeth into, but most of all, the people at Knight Frank are what makes it such a great place to work!

What would be your message to other women in the industry?

Never stop pushing yourself. Anything is achievable if you’re nice, confident, and hard-working.

A bit about me

I am a Partner in our Executive Office team and work with our Senior Partner and wider Group Executive Board to support them on strategic initiatives relating to Knight Frank’s global business. Prior to joining the Executive Office, I spent 12 years as a Lease Advisory specialist in our London Offices team. In both roles, and through my involvement in our Commercial Data Committee, I have seen how the business has developed its data strategy, investing in our teams to build our expertise and capabilities, and evolve our offering – for our people and clients.

Why did I join Knight Frank?

I joined the business back in 2010. The reason I joined is also the reason I have stayed so long, and that is the people I am fortunate to work with and learn so much from. Ours is a very collaborative, team focussed culture and that gives you the opportunity to work with a range of people with different areas of expertise. This was true within the London Offices team, but also within my current role, which involves working closely with several subject matter experts from across the business.

Supporting careers at Knight Frank

I was attracted to the property industry by the breadth of roles and opportunities within it – when you consider the different sectors, services and geographies on which you can focus. Having had the opportunity to work on some of the best buildings in the City of London and now be working on Knight Frank’s own corporate strategy, I certainly feel like I have benefitted from the variety of opportunities that exist. I can only see these expanding as our business continues to grow and markets evolve and hopefully, I can use my positive experience of trying something new to support those who may be considering what is next.

Location: Mumbai, India
Expertise: Data Management & Analytics, Revenue Management, Team Leadership and Mentoring.
Education: BA, Psychology / MA – English Literature
Social Media:

A bit about me:

I’m more of a family person. After a long day’s work, I like to spend the rest of the day with my family.

I love spending time cooking, reading and occasionally writing. I’m a complete foodie and love exploring different cuisines. I enjoy my solitude but when I’m around people I could be quite talkative too. Psychology being one of my favourite subjects, one of my pastimes include ‘people watching’. This may sound odd but it is interesting to interpret stories.

Why did I join Knight Frank? 

I come with an experience in revenue management in the hotel industry. The opportunity at Knight Frank came with a requirement quite different from what my expertise was in. The role was to lead a new project of managing Data in Knight Frank’s Inhouse application. As it was a pilot process, the role seemed quite interesting and challenging. From then on, there has been a massive growth in the role and the team. However, from the beginning of my career at Knight Frank, I enjoyed the building up of projects and processes to suit each requirement, new strategies and ways to maintain and enhance data and the opportunity to guide and lead a team towards a successful data journey.

What do I like most about Knight Frank? 

In all the years I have been working at Knight Frank, each year comes with more exciting projects and new challenges. This has proved to help each individual within the team grow and develop their skills and knowledge.

The Data Office team I work with has really great leadership and colleagues to work with.

There are great opportunities and a platform to develop and be mentored by talented team members who are ever willing to train on their expertise. The work culture and environment is so thoughtful and makes one feel inclusive.

Apart from this, during my tenure with Knight Frank came one of the most challenging phases in my personal life and my testimony is that I can’t imagine of any better leadership management to support me the way Knight Frank’s Data Office Leadership did. This is testament of how Knight Frank values each of their employee and why we have this sort of respect towards the firm and the management here.