Glass half full or glass ceiling?

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This International Women’s Day, we consider what’s next for women in data and technology

International Women’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the role of women in data and technology – but while we’ve come a long way, there’s still plenty more to do.

While there are certainly more highly visible women in senior data and technology positions, there is still a worrying gender divide, with women still occupying only 26% of jobs in data and 17% in technology.

If we’re going to close this gap, then those who have achieved amazing things need to make their voices heard – inspiring, mentoring, and championing the next generation to succeed. Research has shown that young women who follow role models are 5x more likely to become CEOs and 7x more likely to become Directors*, so it’s crucial that data and technology pioneers are given a platform from which to inspire.

That’s why Women in Data are announcing their ‘20 in Data and Technology’ event, to be held on May 20th, showcasing the best and the brightest – women who achieved extraordinary things last year, despite the additional challenges of which we’re all aware.

This year’s event will be virtual, but no less fascinating (there’s a reason that necessity is the ‘mother’ not ‘father’ of invention…). It will be a celebration of 20 women who refused to accept the status quo, pushing boundaries both technical and professional, with extraordinary results.

The event will also be a platform for some unmissable keynotes, on topics as diverse and engaging as the speakers themselves. 

Since this event champions original thinking in technology, it’s appropriate that Women in Data are partnering with a company who have become synonymous with innovation – Snowflake. Snowflake’s Data Cloud is a perfect example of what happens when people look at technology and think not ‘it’s good enough’ but ‘how could it be better’? 

As a company, Snowflake are passionate about a diverse, inclusive approach to technical innovation – a perfect match for this year’s Women in Data event.

So join us on May 20th, when we’ll be revealing our chosen 20. Like we said, there’s a long way to go, but events like this are a major step in the right direction.

Learn more about the ‘20 in Data and Technology’ event and sign up here

*Source: The Female Lead

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