Ep.99 Wuraola Oyewusi – Learning and development in Data Science The internet is generous

By admin 6 months ago

Hear about Wuraola’s veracious appetite for learning and where and how she finds online tools to develop her understanding of data science. In this episode, Karen and Cecilia are joined by publisher and technical instructor, Wuraola Oyewusi, who describes her journey in Data. Two take-aways are ‘curiosity is not language dependent’ and ‘the internet is generous.’ To acknowledge the online sources and teachers who helped her with free content, and to give back to the community, Wuraola publishes inspirational content on Linkedin and YouTube. After listening to her speak here, you will want to explore further to find her videos that range in topic from data visualisation, delivered in Yoruba, to How to Switch to a Tech Career.

Find out how to combine available self-help content and structured courses to enjoy learning and plan your development in Data.

Wuraola Oyewusi on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/wuraolaoyewusi/
Wuraola Oyewusi on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@wuraoyewusi

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