Ep.100 Navigating Your Career: Advice from 100 Episodes

By admin 6 months ago

In celebration of the 100 episodes, Karen and Cecilia invited to the show Alex Smith and Lara Harris, two members of the production team. They dive into the most valuable career advice shared throughout the podcast’s journey, focusing on the listeners’ favourite topic: navigating a successful career in the world of data. Covering pivotal career phases, from determining your next move to resiliently facing redundancy, this episode extracts wisdom from key moments, including:

  • Episode 73: How to figure out your next step
  • Episode 62: Future-proofing your career
  • Episode 64: Establishing yourself in a new role
  • Episode 71: Redundancy and job-hunting experiences

As a bonus, join the celebration on LinkedIn for a chance to win a ticket to the highly anticipated Women in Data flagship event in March.

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