Ep.54 – Robin Sutara – Breaking the bias in data careers

By admin 2 years ago

This week, Karen is joined by Robin Sutara, CDO at Microsoft UK. Having started her career in engineering, working on helicopters in the US Army, she went on to pass the bar in 2 US states, before embracing data and technology.  Now, Robin is on the podcast to drive change and inspire! In this episode, they discuss how the field of data could be more accommodating to diverse backgrounds, skills, and capabilities. You will hear about the importance of ensuring diversity in new hires, as well as how Microsoft tackles the data skills gap by creating software that enables low code to no code. An avid learner, Robin also shares how continuous learning has impacted her career and how one can make space for development in their busy life.

Show notes:

Robin’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robin-sutara/

She recommends:

Invisible Women: https://carolinecriadoperez.com/book/invisible-women/

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