Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

At D&G, data is at the heart of everything we do, and our people are our best asset. We want our colleagues to be energised to open their laptops every day and we are proud to invest in our people to do their best work. From utilising leading tools through an ever-evolving tech stack to personal and professional development taking centre stage through access to our unlimited training platform, at D&G we give everyone the individual support they need to flourish. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where we can be honest, be heard and learn together. Our people are central to unlocking our success and to support this we have implemented an everyday flexibility policy, opening the door to everyone.

We are building a data-driven business where all our people are recruited, developed, recognised and rewarded fairly. Domestic & General is a place where everyone can achieve their potential; a place where our people feel confident to speak up and influence positive change, whilst doing a job they love.


Teresa Ines Goncalves Murta
Senior Data Scientist
Georgia Anderson
Analytics Manager
Baoqi Zhang
Senior Data Scientist
Emma Meisingseth
Data Analyst
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An Pham
Data Scientist
Zeinab Al-Siddiqui
Data Scientist in the Pricing team
Kate White
Kate White
Business Analyst

How D&G see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation, and at Domestic & General we see data as a key enabler for decision making across the business. Our customers interact with us over a complex ecosystem – whether that’s through a partner; via our public website; through MyAccount – our logged-in digital service portal; through our contact centre, or via an engineer visit. Each one of these channels creates a data footprint and our ambition is to be able to stitch them all together to understand the true customer journey in as close to real-time as possible. Having this insight will allow Domestic & General (and our partners) to make decisions faster, personalise our products or service, and support our customers and partners to become more sustainable with our home appliances.

about d&g

At Domestic & General, we have been giving customers peace of mind for over 100 years. We are a trusted provider of aftercare for millions of domestic appliances and are proud to be the UK’s leading provider of appliance breakdown cover. We are on a mission to make the world a better place, one repair at a time.

We have a clear vision and strategy which will continue to transform our customer experience through digital innovation and growing our portfolio across Europe and the US; today we look after over 23 million appliances. By repairing appliances customers rely on, we play our part in reducing the number of machines ending up in landfill. In 2022, we kept over 2.4 million appliances out of landfill.

It’s our mission to keep our customers world running by delivering a service that never lets them down.

Location: London

Expertise: Data Science

Education: BSc, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, PhD in Neuroscience

Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/teresaigmurta/

A bit about me…

I enjoy understating how the world works, finding problems, and implementing simple solutions to solve them. My goal as a Senior Data Scientists at D&G is to help implementing pragmatic, data and machine learning based, solutions that help us achieve business targets, while making sure we enjoy the process and learn from it. While working at D&G, I have learned about business, insurance, pricing, marketing, and people.

Why did you join D&G?

I chose to join D&G because I felt like I would be working with a team of likeminded people, large amounts of data, and at a place where my work would have a direct impact in the business.

What do you like most about D&G?

I really appreciate the environment and empathy of everyone I work with daily at D&G. I also enjoy the freedom to experiment and try different approaches, and the time and opportunities for learning and development.

I moved to London at the end of 2019. I grew up in New Zealand and had always dreamed of living in London because of the career opportunities and proximity to Europe. Moving across the world was an exciting but daunting experience, made even more so by the beginning of the covid pandemic four months after I arrived!

I began working for Domestic and General in March 2020, 4 days before the first lockdown. We had to quickly adapt to onboarding remotely when it became apparent that we wouldn’t be returning to the office anytime soon. The team was supportive and made me feel welcomed and included even though we weren’t able to work together in person.

One of the things I value about working at Domestic and General is how our training and development is prioritised. There is a culture of learning and we’re asked to dedicate time to our development. We have access to numerous training platforms such as Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, and access to internal training such as leadership courses. I have been able to learn and grow a lot in my role which has helped me progress from a Senior Analyst to an Analytics Manager. These opportunities provide challenge and variety which adds even more interest to our jobs!

Location: London

Expertise: Data Scientist

Education: MSc in Biomedical Engineering

Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/baoqizhang1214/

A bit about me…

I’ve been at Domestic and General for more than a year now, working as a Senior Data Scientist specialised in pricing. I started my career as a Data Analyst and I grew my interest in modelling and machine learning so I invested my spare time to learn to become a Data Scientist. Outside of work, I spend quite a lot of time playing competitive ultimate frisbee and I enjoy hiking and travelling too.

Why did you join D&G?

I have insurance industry experience from my previous job and I wanted to become a Data Scientist. D&G has a very interesting business model and it has been doing so well that it just entered US market not long ago. It has very clear company objectives. The investment that they put in improving data and building the infrastructure for data team is also another reason that convinced me to join. Not to mention that D&G is very supportive to its employers in many ways and I have been able to invest in my self-development.

What do you like most about D&G?

The vibe. It is a very inclusive company and it respects boundaries. Also, I like the diverse team culture and I have learnt so much more than just work by working with my teammates. The hybrid working policy gives the maximum benefits of being able to spend more time with my love ones (mainly my dogs) at home as well as spend time in the office for team bonding.

Expertise: Data Transformation, Pricing and Modeling

Education: BA in Marketing, MSC in Business and Management

Social media details: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anquepham/

Hi all, my name is An and I am from Vietnam. I am currently working in Domestic and General as a data scientist.

A bit of history from me. I was born in Viet Nam, so gender disparity is not an easy thing to talk about. When I was young, my grandmother kept telling me that she wished that I could be born as a boy rather than a girl because she believed that I could reach more potential, be safer and could do a lot more if I were a male. She did it as her way to show her care to me. However, I was too young to understand why my grandmother told me that.

Then, as time flew by, I realised that being a woman in my culture comes with unfair treatment, mentally, and physically. Girls when they are young, they are repeatedly told that boys will outsmart them even when they become adults and see that there they are not so much of a difference between girls’ and boys’ intelligence.

When girls reached their high school, they were repeatedly indoctrinated with the idea that “do not try to work for the career you want, because these industries are only for men”. As you might not be surprised, data and tech industries are some of the jobs that women are discouraged from trying to enter.

Because of that, I went to the business route as I was told science industries would not be suitable for women deal to the belief that women are not as capable and might face unfair treatment when working in sectors that are mostly dominated by men. However, when I came to live in the UK. I found that as long as I work hard and be determined, I can achieve what I want to do for my career, despite of my gender. I also found that there are more support and encouragement for women to work in different industries in the UK and D&G data science team is a great example of that.

However, it took me years to wipe out this toxic belief, and it took me a lot of work and effort to go to the field I like _data science. Sometimes that I wish that I could have taken the science degree straight from my high school ignoring what society told me at that time. But I also feel grateful that I took the actions and fought against the general belief at that time.

That is the reason why I want to tell my story and highlight that there working in the career you want should not be limited by gender. The data industry is one of them. It is a very exciting field when you can work with codes and discover stories lying behind numbers. And the exciting thing is that by keeping up with technologies, you can have a better understanding and discover more things. So, you cannot get bored easily.

Working in D&G as a data scientist, I have a great opportunity to work with data and with many fantastic and supported tools and technologies. I have great support and mentor from my managers and the chance to work on fantastic projects. I feel lucky to have this experience and work alongside very kind and talented colleagues.

I moved to London from Sweden in 2012, with the intention to be here for a couple of months to experience the city culture. Needless to say, still being here over a decade later, I really enjoyed it. I started off my career working within fashion and joined the insurance industry in November 2023.

What initially caught my interest of Domestic and General is the richness of data, and the investment in the infrastructure and tools provided to support the work we do. The insight provided by our broad range of data functions is driving the business forward and I feel that my work is valued. My experience of the company since joining is that D&G has its focus on the welfare of the customer, the business’ objectives and on its employees. The team culture is welcoming and supportive, and I feel actively encouraged to develop my skillset by having the opportunity to experiment with different approaches in my projects.

I started working for Domestic and General in 1999 as a Contact Centre agent. Since then, I have progressed my career to be a Team Leader, Change Lead and I am now a Business Analyst. Through this journey I have been able to see exactly how data is used by a global company and understand the huge part this plays in helping us be successful and continually grow. As my knowledge and experience has grown from the different areas of the business I have worked,  so has my interest in the data. I have thrived in this role and being a woman in data has been fully supported by my organisation who prioritises women’s health and equity.

I enjoy working for a company that has provided me with consistent development and support over the last 24 years and has helped me build my career to where it is now.

Location: London
Expertise: Data Science
Education: BSc & PhD in Physics

I recently joined D&G in May working as a Data Scientist in the Pricing team. I have always been interested in understanding patterns and trends in data. My goal as a Data Scientist at D&G is to explore, understand and manipulate various data by applying both machine learning and statistical approaches which will help us reach conclusions for the business or support future decisions. In just a short time, I have learnt so much about how D&G works.

I joined D&G because I wanted to transition into a career where my skillsets would show direct impact to both business and customers.

I really appreciate the great support and team culture that D&G fosters. Everyone is helpful, supportive, and encouraging. It is an environment that promotes experimenting with models and approaching problems from different angles. Also, it is an excellent place that promotes a healthy work-life balance.