Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Women in Data! At Admiral, we’re always looking to do better, for our colleagues, our customers and for our communities. We’re devoted to providing a working environment that promotes diversity and equal opportunity for all, and we recognise that the more diverse representation we have in our data landscape, the more we improve across the board. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve as a business, and this partnership helps us drive our continued efforts of developing our data capabilities, and ensuring that Admiral is a place where anyone working with data can thrive.


Rebecca Thomas
Motor Pricing
Kate Edwards
Retail Pricing Manager
Rahmi Hussain
Data Confidentiality Assurance Analyst
Lowrhi Francis
MI Data Manager

How ADMIRAL see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

Insurance is evolving, changing and the reforms we’ve recently faced along with a worldwide Pandemic have shown us the importance of being agile, adaptive, flexible and innovative. Data has been such an integral part of our business, but it’s importance is growing all the time. We are constantly striving to give our customers the best price, the best products and the best service and Data underpins all of these aims. For us, Data is more than an output; it’s the questions we ask our customers, it’s how we protect and secure that data, it’s the questions we don’t need to ask because we have the data available and it’s helping us ensure we’re meeting our customer expectations. Innovation and remaining at the cutting edge of data, technology and techniques is hugely important, and creating a diverse team with a strong culture is the difference between a good product and a great one – so we’re constantly on the look out for great talent, fresh thinking and new solutions to problems we face.


We’re Wales’ only FTSE 100 company with forward-thinking approaches and endless opportunities to test, learn and grow. Our 11000+ colleagues are at the heart of everything that we do. Our progressive culture, core values, and commitment to diversity and inclusion has created a working environment where people share ideas, aren’t afraid to speak up and change things, and above all, feel valued – it’s no wonder we’ve been named among the best places to work in the UK!

Based on innovation and organic growth, we have grown from being a small start-up into an innovative financial services company and one of the largest car insurance providers in the UK. The company is constantly investigating new products, services and markets and is now in seven countries with a diverse product portfolio.

Expertise: Motor Retail Pricing, Household Retail Pricing, General Insurance Capital & Reserving, Collections (Unsecured Products)

Education: BSc Mathematics

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-thomas-b3224076

Spotlight Story:

I studied mathematics at university, a natural choice as I’ve loved mathematics from a young age. My preferred modules were those demonstrating real world applications of the subject; cryptography, combinatorics, and operational research to name a few.  A range of university modules required data manipulation and coding to varying extents; from modelling the spread of a disease to optimising the flow of goods through a factory line.

During the final year of my degree, I primarily applied for roles within Accountancy, having completed an NVQ and two summer placements within the field. However, I secured an Actuarial role and started my career in insurance within a Capital team, protecting the business and customers by ensuring sufficient capital was held to withstand the events of 199 out of the next 200 years. Data has featured heavily in my career ever since, having undertaken a variety of roles within Reserving, Pricing and Collections across a range of financial and insurance products.

I’ve also had the opportunity to develop my data skills further by attending SAS courses, these advanced my knowledge of macros and reporting tools such as graphs and tables.

After several years with my first employer, I joined Admiral as Retail Pricing Manager for Motor. I was drawn to the role as it presented new challenges in terms of increased responsibility and the opportunity to broaden my insurance knowledge within Motor insurance. Admiral itself appealed because it fosters open and honest communication, and encourages colleagues to test & learn their ideas, plus there are regular social events to enjoy with my new team.

Data is an increasing powerful tool, and it is vital to fully harness the potential of data and communicate the story contained within the data, to succeed as a business that helps people to look after their future.

Expertise: Mathematics,  Analysis, Insurance Pricing

Education: BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science (1st), Diploma in Actuarial Techniques

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-edwards-7663b714/

Spotlight Story:

I have always loved the fact that with Maths the answer is either right or wrong and I love solving problems in a logical way. It is therefore no great surprise that my degree was in Maths and my career has been very data focused (predominantly insurance pricing).

My first role was at RBS Insurance (now DLG) as a home risk modelling analyst, followed by working as a pricing analyst for Hiscox home insurance. During this latter role I worked closely with the marketing department, using data to identify and define our target market. Each marketing channel was then tailored to try and reach as many customers as possible within our target segment. Even the tv advert used some of the results of my analysis and I got quite a buzz when I saw it aired on tv for the first time.

I then went to DLG to work in their commercial pricing team. In this role I designed a pricing algorithm for farm insurance (which included all manner of unusual covers such as “worry cover for ostriches” this was all whilst working in an office in central London – quite a juxtaposition from the farms that we were insuring! I couldn’t quite believe my Maths degree had got me there but it was a project that involved logic, data and numbers and I loved it. My next role was as a project manager in commercial insurance. Not only did this role broaden my knowledge of how pricing fits alongside underwriting, policy wording and policy documents, it also developed my project manager skills.

I joined Admiral as a retail pricing manager in 2021. Right from the very start Admiral has been an extremely supportive and flexible employer. There is so much to learn here and so many ways to develop. I am currently doing a secondment in risk pricing and am very excited to have just started the data storytelling program. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Expertise: Data Ops / Data Assurance

Education: 1st Class Honours BSc Cyber Security, Cardiff Metropolitan University

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahmihussain/

Spotlight Story:

At university I studied Computer Security also known as Cyber Security, which was an easy decision due to my passion of technology and how it is always growing.

I am infatuated with technological advancements and love being educated on security systems. I often find myself reading up on the latest news in cyber security data breaches.

With the experience I had obtained and the field I studied in, I knew it was time for me to progress within my career and one of the key requirements I needed in my new role was diversity in the workplace. I’ve been a Data Confidentiality Assurance Analyst now here at Admiral for 6 months now. My day to day role consists of developing and creating policies and rulesets to enhance the security of our data. It is my job to protect the companies data and to ensure no personal or confidential data leaves the network. Every day is always learning day for me but what I value the most as a part of my role is the time we have to focus on our individual development plan and take time to grow our knowledge. I am currently revising for an exam I’ll be taking in December relating to my job role and I am very fortunate to have a flexible schedule and can fit in extra learning during any downtime I have.

I am incredibly fortunate to have such a strong and empowering team as well, it’s such a welcoming and open environment and can request for support at any time. I couldn’t be prouder of where I work especially when it comes to representing Women in Tech. I’m also a member of our Gender Equality working group and sit on the subgroup for Women in Data and Technology – I value working for a company that respects and encourages diversity at all levels.

Expertise: data analysis and insights, data processing and cleansing with SQL, training

Education: BSc Biomedical Science

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lowrhi-francis

Spotlight story:

I’ve always loved the challenge of problem solving, and the satisfaction that comes with learning something new. During my degree I loved case-study based coursework, interpreting patient information in order to diagnose or exclude different medical conditions. I left University unsure of where to go next, and joined Admiral as a call handler in 2018. Shortly after I came across a role as an MI analyst, and the rest is history!


I made the most of all of the training and support Admiral offered (internally and externally) and didn’t let my initial lack of data experience stop me; when I joined MI, I had never seen code before. Now five years on, I have worked with complex data and have provided insights for several key business areas including Marketing, Pet insurance, and Claims, and run the internal analyst SQL training. I progressed to a senior analyst and am now a data manager, enabling me to support the learning and development of others in their data careers while continuing to further my own.

Admiral has been so supportive throughout my journey, and I’ve had amazing mentors along the way. As someone with ADHD the inclusive workplace culture and flexibility has allowed me to learn and develop in the ways that complement my strengths and enable me to perform at my best.

My advice for anyone in Admiral (or in general) wanting to move into a data career is – do it! There are so many brilliant resources you can utilise, such as Admiral’s amazing internal Data Academy, and external initiatives like Code First Girls and the Reed Women in Technology mentoring programme. I wanted to share my story for anyone who thinks a data career isn’t possible without a computing or technology background.