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DR Ariadna Blanca Romero

Senior Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

This woman is a technical sensation!

She has truly honed her art, showcasing both academic and industry successes.

In a difficult niche of data, this woman is a role model in machine learning engineering.

Cissie Goldberg

Data Pioneer

At 97 years old, this woman is a true pioneer in the world of data.

Her work is published in dozens of medical journals and prevented errors in the classifications of newborn babies as premature.

Dawn Carter

Enterprise Data Architect

This woman is paving the way for more inclusive and supportive workplaces for women.

As the Co-Chair of the Gender Equity Network, she has spearheaded multiple initiatives influencing policy on parental leave, fertility and menopause.

Deborah Womack

Non-Executive Director

This woman is a true veteran of data.

Having built up both her learned experiences and influence, she is using this to truly pay it forward.

Elisa Sai

Vice President – Analytics & AI

An all-rounder, this woman is dedicated to effecting change through data.

Her competency cannot be understated and, as a thought-leader in AI & tech, is making change to healthcare inequalities and innovations.

Ella Ovenden

AI & Analytics Consultant

A rising star, this woman has achieved so much in a short space of time.

As a Degree Apprentice, she is at the forefront of AI and innovation.

Her commitment to giving back is admirable, showcasing hard work and focus with Girls in Data.

Emma Eatch

Head of Clinical Analytics

This woman truly is a changemaker.

Having overcome various examples of adversity, this woman’s tenacity cannot be understated.

Her progression and impact is evident as a leader in the industry.

Hannah Davies

Head of Data Culture & Excellence

This woman is an outstanding team leader.

As a role model for data culture delivery, she uses her leadership to empower others through data literacy.

Jasmine Coll

Senior Director, Marketing Incrementality & Capital Allocation

This woman is driving authentic and impactful leadership.

She demonstrates a truly innovative approach to data, whilst showcasing real world impact.

Professor Jennifer Visser-Rogers

Vice President for Statistical Research and Consultancy

This woman is a true ambassador for STEM and data.

Taking data to the masses, this woman works with media to inform public understanding of maths and statistics in a unique and powerful way!

Johanna Hutchinson

Chief Data Officer

At C-Suite level, this woman is a powerhouse of industry.

Having worked in a huge breadth of sectors, she is a multi-talented role model.

Her work displays impact on major changes in society.

Juliette Scott

Non Executive Director

This woman is a true ambassador for women’s health and arthritis.

A recognised mentor in the Women in Data® community, she is making national and societal change.

Kate Boyle

Head of Data Services

This woman rises by lifting and caring for others.

Working to support public services with data and a committed volunteer with Women in Data®, she is making strides in creating safety for women.

Marsha Castello MSc AMBCS

Data Analyst

This woman’s life has been dedicated to serving the nation as a STEM mentor and ambassador.

She has been recognised by the UN for her impact in under-represented groups, helping to connect black girls with STEM role models.

Ming Tang

Chief Data and Analytics Officer (interim)

This woman has made outstanding contribution to people and society.

As a C-Suite leader in public services, her career spans many outstanding accomplishments.

Paula Rudkin

Head of Data Management

This woman’s passion to ignite change spans a global reach.

A true Women in Data® advocate, she has taken her impact on women further than just the UK and is creating real change in India.

Rajlakshmi Purkayastha

Lead Data Scientist

This woman is our one to watch!

She isn’t afraid to break the norms and it’s working in her favour as she is a rising star in data science.

Dr. Sachiko Scheuing

European Privacy Officer

An active champion of Women in Data®, this woman is an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Having risen through the ranks in her career, she is a pioneer in data privacy.

Sholthana Begum

Head of Data Strategy & Services Department

This woman is using her experiences as a platform for impact and is influencing major change in biased industries.

By shaping future regulatory environments and promoting STEM careers to students, she’s a diversity and inclusion change-maker.

Steph Bell

Director of Analytics

This woman is driving innovation in data analytics.

She truly is leading the way and is bringing others with her through mentorship and role modelling.