AN OVERVIEW of Women in Data UK, London 2017

As Women in Data UK commenced its third annual event, and we stared across a sea of women, one could be excused for asking, ‘why is women in data still such a hot topic in 2017?’

Why are ‘women’, ‘diversity’ and ‘motherhood’ still hot topics in 2017?

Laws ensure women treated equally, so why do we need a women-only conference?

Is an all-female forum necessary?

Women in Data UK challenges the barriers that women still face in the technology sectors.

Women, business and profitability

Sponsor delegates considered “Is gender diversity profitable?” in a highlight session of the day.

3 takeaways from Women in Data UK 2017

Read about data, destiny and domestics.

What can we expect for Women in Data UK 2018?

What will Co-founders Roisin McCarthy and Rachel Keane, and Chair Payal Jain, be doing in the next 12 months to help women make the most of their careers in data?

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