The success of Women in Data UKTM since its inaugural event at UCL in 2015 has surpassed all expectations.

Last year we welcomed more than 400 data professionals to this landmark UK event, which is the largest of its kind. We again provided a community setting in which delegates network and share ideas.

The strong relationships formed at Women in Data UK events have created an increasingly powerful group from which women data practitioners gain support and advice.


WATCH: Overview video of Women in Data UK 2017, the largest data and technology event of its kind.

Women in data Video


Women in Data UKTM 2017

As Women in Data UK commenced its third annual event, and we stared across a sea of women, one could be excused for asking, ‘why is women in data still such a hot topic in 2017?’

Why are ‘women’, ‘diversity’ and ‘motherhood’ still hot topics in 2017?
Laws ensure women treated equally, so why do we need a women-only conference?

Is an all-female forum necessary?
Women in Data UK challenges the barriers that women still face in the technology sectors.

Women, business and profitability
Sponsor delegates considered “Is gender diversity profitable?” in a highlight session of the day.

3 takeaways from Women in Data UK 2017
Read about data, destiny and domestics.

What can we expect for Women in Data UK 2018?
What will Co-founders Roisin McCarthy and Rachel Keane, and Chair Payal Jain, be doing in the next 12 months to help women make the most of their careers in data?


Women in Data UK
is proud to be working in partnership
with Edwina Dunn and The Female Lead