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4th July – TUI Group

4th July – TUI Group

TUI Group invites their local data community to discuss the importance of women in data.

Datatech Analytics and TUI Group are delighted to bring you an exciting evening of discussion from TUI’s most inspirational employees. As the world’s number one tourism business, there’s no better opportunity to find out how an international company approaches gender parity. There will be plenty of time for networking as well as food and drink.

Sessions and Topics

Kinnari Ladha, Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence – The digital transformation journey at TUI

Amiy Chatley, Digital Analytics Manager for Marketing – The www. of working at TUI – Where, Why, What

Anthony Channon, Head of Data Science – Group – If data made holidays

Hirra Sulanki, Head of Digital Analytics – UK&I – How to make friends & influence data within TUI

When: 18:00 – 20.30 on Thursday, 4 July 2019
Where: Venue 360, 20 Gipsy Lane, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3JH
Who should attend? Male & female data practitioners of all levels


Name: Kinnari Ladha, Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence

Title: The digital transformation journey at TUI


Kinnari has always had a passion for numbers she started her career as a practitioner programming in SAS & SQL and with her strong statistical academic foundation specialised in predictive modelling and customer segmentation. Building on her technical and commercial competencies with a distinct focus on data analytics, she further expanded her skills and experiences across the Business Intelligence area and became an expert at bringing data to life through the use of innovative and emerging visualisation techniques and tools.

Over the last decade her career has accelerated with a journey through senior roles leading and managing analytic strategy, transformation and delivery across multiple industries both consultancy and client side including, Telecoms, Retail, Travel, and Automotive industries.

Today Kinnari holds a senior management position, operating in the Marketing, Analytics and Data industries.  As Global Head of Analytics & Business Intelligence at the world’s number one integrated tourism company, TUI group, she sits on the global analytics leadership team defining and influencing the strategic direction and digital transformation of the business powered by analytics and data.

Recently recognised in the DataIQ 100 top data & analytics practitioners in the UK.


The transformation of the TUI traveller.

Name: Amiy Chatley, Digital Analytics Manager for Marketing

Title: The www. of working at TUI – Where, Why, What


I have been working at TUI now for just shy of 5 years, with an 11-month gap in the middle working outside of the business in the FinTech sector. TUI offered me the chance to explore what Analytics can review in the Marketing space, really push the boundaries that are usually restricted when you work agency side. Coming original from the agency world, TUI represented a great business model with a huge contingent of other analysts. In fact, we now number over 90!

My job involves managing a team of other analysts, helping to look at customer interactions with our websites (Attribution), with our brand (Econometrics), and with the many marketing channels contained therein (Google / Facebook, etc). All of this analysis is possible because at TUI we are fortunate to be using industry leading tools in each of these areas.

As a proponent for the integration of Analytics and Data Science within the Marketing space, I always game for a new challenge to be thrown over the wall from my senior stakeholders!

Amiy discusses her return to TUI and the advantages.

Name: Anthony Channon, Head of Data Science – Group

Title: If data made holidays


I am the Group Head of Data Science at TUI. There are three main parts to my role here. Firstly, as the business lead for the analytics platform at TUI I have to ensure that the analytical tools that are being developed can meet the needs of our business and our customers. I also have a small team of Data Scientists whose job it is to drive business value from these platforms and achieve the business outcomes we need.

Finally, I head up the global analytics community at TUI. We’ve got a massive amount of analytical talent at TUI and bringing it together into a functioning practice will amplify the effect we can have in transforming this business.

We’re at the start of an amazing journey with Analytics at TUI and I can’t wait to see what kind of experiences we can drive for our customers.


We live in a world shaped by Data, but holidays are often lauded as an opportunity for Digital Detox. What if we used data to transform our holiday experiences, for the better? What would amazing look like? What would we need to deliver it? Who would want it?

In this talk I’ll discuss how approaches and innovations from other industries could transform the experiences of our customers, make them savour more of their holiday and help them extend that feeling in their memories. I’ll talk about what we’re doing at TUI in this space, where our gaps are and what we’re doing about them.

Name: Hirra Sulanki, Head of Digital Analytics – UK&I

Title: How to make friends & influence data within TUI


Hirra is the Head of Digital Analytics at TUI, the world’s leading tourism group. In her role, she leads the analytics team in monitoring, contextualising and perfecting experiences across all of TUI’s digital properties. Her work ensures consistent and brilliant experiences for the 10 million customers that visit TUI online every month. With almost a decade of experience at TUI, Hirra has seen the business and team go from strength to strength and has a wealth of knowledge to share in the Digital data space.


Hirra gives an overview of her data career journey at TUI, which spans over a decade.