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19th September – BT

19th September – BT
Women in Data UK and BT are delighted to invite you to this meet-up, featuring a stellar line-up of BT employees. Don’t miss out on our last meet-up of the season!

Sessions and Topics

Join us for a panel discussion on the theme of flexible and co-location working. Looking at what this means for development across multiple locations.

Claire Ellison, Senior Reporting and Analytics Manager – How I built my career in data

Leana Kielkowicz, Head of Decisioning – Data and customer interaction

Rowena Phillips, Senior HR Business Partner – Working in a data environment in a non-data role

Richard Tate, Director of Data and Decisioning – The importance of diversity in data when representing the customer

Panel session, Hosted by Richard Tate,Director of Data and Decisioning – Working in Data @ BT

Location and times
17.30 – 20.30 on Thursday, 19 September 2019
Where: BT Group plc, BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ
Who should attend? All levels of Data Scientist and Analyst


Name: Claire Ellison, Senior Reporting and Analytics Manager

Title: How I built my career in data


I have worked in Orange, EE and now BT for the last 23 years having started in Orange’s first year when there were only two mobiles on the network “The Nokia” and the “The Motorola” – how things have changed!

In the last 14 years I have worked in commercial analytics, most recently as part of EE Marketing. However, the journey here has been through a wide range of business areas including (one of the original Orange digital functions) Multimedia Operations, Base Management and Commercial Performance. This route has given me a great all-round view of the telecoms business and it’s very exciting to move to a role supporting two brands and so many brilliant consumer products.  Reporting and Analytics are the unsung heroes of this business delivering the analysis that drives this business to making the right commercial decisions. I want us to create a team that enables every Consumer customer business decision to be based on accessible and informative customer insights.

When I am not at work you’ll find me with my family, we have a 6-year-old daughter, and following my interests in health, nutrition and fitness which includes very early mornings at the gym!


A talk through Claire’s career which spans nearly 25 years in the telco industry, from call centre to data analytics and how she came to lead a team of over 50 Reporting and Analytics Managers who deliver the customer insight that helps BT’s consumer business make decisions that drive strategic, product, proposition and customer journey optimisation.

Name: Leana Kielkowicz, Head of Decisioning

Title: Data and customer interaction


I have worked in the telecommunications industry for the past 15 years and the majority of my career has centred on 1-2-1 customer decisioning and sales journey personalisation.  I specialise in applying data, analytics and machine learning to tailor experiences for individual customers. With the growing expectation from our customers to anticipate and meet their needs, applying science to the decisions we make to stay both competitive and relevant is more important than ever before.

When I started my career at EE all those years ago I did not have a degree or Masters but through hard work and determination coupled with support & guidance from some strong technical leaders I worked my way up the organisation to get where I am today. I take pride in creating the same opportunities for all members of my team and I am an example that anything is possible if you have the drive and ambition.


An overview of how data effects how we interact with customers and the offers we can create for individuals through decisioning.

Name: Rowena Phillips, Senior HR Business Partner

Title: Working in a data environment in a non-data role


Having joined BT as an HR graduate in 2012, Rowena is a Senior HR Business Partner who has worked with multiple teams across the BT Consumer business. Over the past few years, Rowena has been partnering Digital teams with experience driving transformation and change management within the digital space.


Looking at how different teams work from a data and non-data perspective, considering how data teams often work with black and white whilst there is often lots of grey areas.

Name: Richard Tate, Director of Data and Decisioning

Title: The importance of diversity in data when representing the customer


As Director of Data and Decisioning for BT Consumer, Richard’s mission is to enable every decision made to be driven by data. Every time. Everywhere.

Richard began his career in journalism working for the BBC and Sky, but curiosity about how well content was performing drew him into analytics, where he’s been for almost 15 years. Richard has spent the last four years working at EE and then across both BT and EE. From a team of four he’s worked across functions to help put data more and more at the forefront and now looks after a team of 200 data professionals across reporting, analysis, decisioning, data science and data management. Previously he has worked at Tesco, Telefonica and Three UK. He lives in Ascot and enjoys holidays (who doesn’t) and spends plenty of time gardening.


The way that we interpret data is different for each of us. Whether that interpretation is nuanced or radically different doesn’t really matter. We all see the world through different eyes – what does that mean for our data teams?

Panel session overview:

A panel session including a cross section of employees from across Digital.