Verity Gill – Marketing Science at Facebook and tips to stay performant at work

This week, Karen is joined by Verity Gill, Marketing Science Director at Facebook. They will talk about what is marketing science and how it’s used at Facebook. As well as the marketing science certification Facebook launched in partnership with Women in Data. Certification means learning new skills, and Verity will give you tips on how to make time for learning, and channel your energy to consolidate your knowledge and stay highly performant at work without burning out.

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Verity Gill is the Marketing Science Agency Director EMEA at Facebook. She works across all agency groups and is passionate about cross-platform measurement through the understanding of human-media interactions. Having started her career in Government Intelligence as a graduate, she quickly followed her passion for decoding data patterns into a Technical Trading Analysis role at Credit Suisse First Boston.

Verity’s fascination of human behavior led her away from the Financial Markets and into the world of marketing, specifically media consumption. After 4 years as an Econometrician at Mindshare, and following the birth of her first child, she then launched the first online social network for grandparents in the UK, Grannynet, which ran as a Social Enterprise for 8 years.

In addition to her digital and media experience, Verity has also recently completed a Masters at University College London in Digital Anthropology. In her dissertation she adapted the economic model of demand theory featuring rational consumers to an anthropological model of desire considering the more frequently encountered irrational consumer. It was one of the first to blend the relevance of philosophy, economics and anthropology into a palpable and executable consumer–centric strategy.

She has three children and lives with her husband in London.