Victoria FearnleyPrincipal, Strategy & Execution

Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

Caroline Criado Perez opens “Invisible Women”, her excoriating exposure of the gender bias in society, with a quote from Simon de Beauvoir: “Representation of the world, like the world itself, is the work of men; they describe it with their own point of view, which they confuse with the absolute truth”.

Over the course of the subsequent 250 pages, Perez demonstrates the shocking extent to which this comment remains true today. Like all right-thinking organisations, Metyis would like to do something about this.

Indeed, Metyis believes that to do so, represents a “Win : Win : Win”.

Promoting the careers of Women working in Data, is not only good for our business, by providing a source of skilled candidates and a more satisfying working environment, but it’s good for our clients, by enabling us to provide better, more fit-for-purpose solutions, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s good for society, by helping to push back against the effects of centuries of prejudice and discrimination.

By elevating the status of women in the workplace, we are part of an effort to create a culture that is more just and caring.

Victoria Fearnley – Principal, Strategy & Execution


Education: Imperial College London – MEng, Mechanical Engineering
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Victoria is a management consultant with extensive experience in supporting clients in thinking through strategic issues and understanding the practical implications of their decision making.

Victoria started her career at Grant Thornton within their advisory practice. From there she worked for the world’s largest international Health & Beauty retailer within their strategy team before moving to a career in consulting.

Victoria is a proud mother of three children that keep her busy when she’s not at work. In her free time, when she gets any, she enjoys upcycling furniture, cycling, and yoga.

Dolly Sharma, Director, Big Data and Analytics


Education: Vellore Institute of Technology – Bioinformatics with specialisation in artificial neural network & algorithms (2007-2011)
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Dolly is a data and analytics leader with more than a decade of experience in enabling data centricity and leveraging data to generate impact across value chain. She started her career as a data scientist and transitioned to an analytics consulting role by primarily working with clients in retail, fashion retail, gaming, CPG & pharmaceuticals industries. She has gained considerable experience working with different nationalities across geographies including the US, the UK, Europe, and India.

Dolly has always been most motivated by solving challenging problems using data and making a meaningful impact for her clients. Her customer-centric approach enables her clients to move from data to insights to action, which leads to create a data culture within organisation. She has developed multiple data & digital solutions, which enabled her clients in their journey towards digital transformation

Dolly is a proud mother of an 11-month-old daughter. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, trekking, and spending time with family and friends.

Jess Mussett, Data Science Analyst


Expertise: Data Science & Analytics
University of Bristol – MSc Bioinformatics, BSc Biology
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Jess recently began her career in Data Science as an analyst, after completing foundational training in data analytics at Xander Talent. She initially studied Biology at university, however throughout her course she found that she enjoyed many elements of coding and data analytics. As a result, her developing interest led her to study an MSc in Bioinformatics, where she could further her coding knowledge. When nearing the end of her course, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career within the realm of data and so started her training.

She joined Metyis shortly afterwards and has thoroughly enjoyed her time since. Having previously thought that she didn’t want a job within the consulting world, she now appreciates the exciting prospect of working on diverse projects for a variety of clients. In addition, the opportunity to implement her skills in different areas convinced her of the potential to learn more than in other careers.

She says that her entry into the data team has been overwhelmingly supportive” and working on her first client projects has been challenging yet enjoyable, with varied technical elements. She is looking forward to building upon her experience within data and consulting and learning from the people around her in a growing team and company.

By elevating the status of women in the workplace, we are part of an effort to create a culture that is more just and caring.

How metyis sees the data landscape changing in the UK in the next five years

It goes without saying that the quantity of data generated by organisations and individuals will continue to grow exponentially over the next five years and, as a result, so will the need for greater storage and computing power. This will result in much wider levels of cloud adoption as businesses strive to gain, or retain, competitive advantage.

This trend is likely to accelerate as businesses broaden the list of machine learning use cases under consideration.

Until now, most applications of machine learning have focused on revenue growth – for example, through personalisation of offers – or the reduction of direct costs – for example, through demand and supply planning – but we envisage that there will be greater emphasis towards operational efficiency including, but not limited to, areas such as Human Resources, AIOps, and Finance.

The increased breadth in applications of machine learning across the entire organisation will necessitate the adoption of increasingly sophisticated Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) in order to develop and maintain models across a greater number of use cases.

The sensitivity of these use cases will require increased adoption of Explainable AI to guard against possible reputational damage and to ensure adherence to ever more stringent governance and regulatory policies. Greater diversity of the teams involved will help to protect against harmful biases in thinking, as will extensive past experience. Metyis is already working with organisations in the retail, manufacturing, and legal sectors to address these needs.

Given this future landscape, we foresee that organisations will face extreme resourcing challenges which will be amplified by the saturation of available resource pools in India and Eastern Europe and which may be exacerbated by future geopolitical instabilities.

Organisations will need to be more innovative in their thinking, in order to acquire, train, and retain talent. Metyis aims to do this by tapping into the vast reservoir of underappreciated female talent, as well as by developing alternative sources of skilled near-shore resource in regions such as Portugal, Spain, and Turkey.

This diversification of the resource pool will enable Metyis, and its client base, to absorb future shocks. Additionally, this allows more flexible resourcing models to cope with fluctuating demand and unforeseen impacts on business performance driven by external threats such as Covid.

about metyis

Metyis is a dynamic and forward-thinking global firm that strives to bring long-lasting impact and growth to our clients, business partners, our people and society at large. We operate through an ecosystem that combines 3 pillars: Consulting Services, Digital & Data and eCommerce Solutions.

We’re proud of our diverse team that consists of competitive global talent representing a wide range of cultures, educational backgrounds and specialisations. Metyis takes on Strategy and Execution, Big Data & Analytics, Software and Hardware, eCommerce, Design and Enabling Functions by integrating a variety of perspectives to develop dynamic and integrated solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs. At Metyis we work together through a long-term partnership model to capitalise on business opportunities and celebrate collective victories.