Meet the future Women in Data star Kamila, a girl in Data firmly fixed on a career in Data!

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Hi! I’m Kamila and my journey with data science started with the 2020 Girls in Data (GiD) summer school. Having a lot more free time because of lockdown,I thought I’d sign up for the programme and try something new. It turned out to be a great decision!

The summer school guided us through solving some problems through data analysis, in collaboration with big companies including Zurich Insurance and Experian. After a few weeks of challenges, the programme concluded with a session on data presentation. An element of competition kept us motivated – after submitting a pitch, you could be chosen to present in front of a panel from a leading company! I must say that succeeding in this part of the programme brought a real sense of achievement.

After sixth form, I took a gap year and worked as a maths teaching assistant. Curiosity about the world and a knack for analytical thinking were some of the reasons I decided to study physics with philosophy at university. When choosing where to go, I looked for a course that offered modules in programming, as I knew I enjoyed that, too. This turned out to be very useful – I ended up learning Python, which we use a lot in physics for data analysis. Turns out, it’s actually one of the best tools for data science!

Outside of academics, I’m involved with a couple of societies at university. These include the Swing Dance Society, which I am treasurer of, and the Societies Committee, which helps all of the other societies thrive! I also train iaido (think a samurai-style martial art).

The GiD summer school was what made me consider a career in data. The leaders of the programme were very encouraging and supportive, making the subject feel accessible. Engaging with professionals and establishing connections was also a valuable experience. With the same enthusiasm which accompanied me in the summer of 2020, I’m looking forward to building a career in data through an internship and then, hopefully, a graduate programme!

Kamila is working with Women in Data and is a great example of the next generation talent we foster here in the UK. Kamila and other Girls in Data are seeking work experience opportunities in applied Data internships, can you help?

If so please contact us to learn how you can support Kamila and other Girls in Data.

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