Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) is committed to a diversity framework that supports the company’s vision, values and strategic aims. MAG recognises that every colleague is unique and that by understanding individual differences and harnessing them, MAG can ensure it recruits, develops, and retains excellent people. Partnering with Women in Data strengthens our ambition to do that and creates the best teams to take our business forward.

At MAG, data plays an integral role in how we run our airports, and our data teams sit at the heart of making that a success. As our business evolves, so too will our use of data, and we are always looking for new, talented individuals to join our teams.

We take pride in supporting and investing in our colleagues, enabling them to excel in their roles. We provide access to cutting-edge tools and an ever-evolving technological environment to support personal and professional growth. At MAG, we ensure that everyone receives the individual support they need to thrive. We are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive space where honesty, open communication, and collective learning are encouraged.

We believe in recruiting, nurturing, and rewarding our colleagues, and provide a platform where everyone has the opportunity to realise their potential.


Prerana Hawale
BI Developer
Susie Rattray
Data Analyst
Farnaz Patel
Software Engineer
Ailsa Forrester
UX Designer
Sophie Andrews
Business Change & Continuous Improvement Specialist

How Manchester Airports Group see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

At MAG, we view data as a crucial facilitator for decision-making throughout the business, encompassing the entire passenger journey at each of our airports. Our customers engage with us through a multifaceted ecosystem – this could be via an airline operator, our public website, our recently digitised kiosks, or one of our numerous services such as car parking, fast track, and drop & go. Each of these channels leaves a data trail, and our goal is to combine these touchpoints near real-time to truly understand the passenger’s journey. This insight will empower MAG and our partners to make swifter decisions, customise our products or services, and provide support to our passengers. We aim to enhance the passenger experience at every phase of their departure or arrival journey, becoming truly digital airport’s.

about Manchester Airports Group

Manchester Airport Group (MAG) is a leading UK airport group and owns and operates three UK airports – London Stansted, Manchester, and East Midlands. The Group sees over 60 million passengers flying through its airports every year, which together employ over 40,000 people on site.

Operationally, the group are responsible for the safe and efficient of transit of passengers through their airports to and from key destinations across the globe.

Role: BI Developer

LinkedIn: Prerana Hawale

I’m a Data Engineer (BI Developer) with experience in building data solutions using ETL tools, reports, and databases.
I love learning and always seek new opportunities to grow in both my personal and professional life.
Beyond my professional life, I am a passionate artist. I love creating speed paintings, miniatures, resin art, and ceramic art pieces.
I use my artistic eye to make reports visually appealing, using colours and layouts that are easy on the eyes. This mix of tech skills and artistic creativity helps me to create reports that not only shows data but also engage the user.

Role: Data Analyst

LinkedIn: Susie Rattray

After graduating with a master’s in chemistry four years ago, I discovered data analytics and found great satisfaction in problem solving, prompting me to pivot my career into the data industry.

The aspect I enjoy most about data analytics is applying insights which enhances the customer experience at MAG. Additionally, I value collaboration with different stakeholders to solve business problems that lead to impactful change. I am also continuously learning new coding languages and approaches to develop effective data solutions.

Outside of work, I maintain a fitness routine by going to the gym, walking, rock climbing and biking. I also love to travel and take any opportunity to explore new destinations.

Role: Software Engineer

LinkedIn: Farnaz Patel

I work as a software engineer at MAG, and I’ve been with them for about 2.5 years now. What I love about MAG is the chance to dive into all sorts of cool projects you won’t find anywhere else. Every day brings something new and exciting.


I absolutely love being a software engineer! Every single day throws something new my way, and I thrive on the excitement of tackling fresh challenges. I really enjoy diving into complex problems, unravelling them and coming up with cool solutions.

The best part of it is that It’s a constant learning journey. There’s always something new to figure out, another challenge to overcome. And that’s what keeps me hooked, there’s never a dull moment and there is always something exciting around the corner.

I initially started off as a law student, however I very soon realised that my passion lay in computers, I then went on to complete a degree in computer science and actively pursued opportunities in software engineering, ultimately finding my way to MAG.

Outside of work, I’m all about staying fit and active, I enjoy going to the gym, running, and going for walks. I also love spending time with family and friends, dining out, and planning fun outings.

Job role: UX Designer

LinkedIn: Ailsa Forrester

I joined MAG in 2022 as part of the Digital Customer Experience team, and as one of the more creative employees at MAG, my journey started with an art-driven background. I graduated from University of Cumbria’s Institute of the Arts with a first-class degree in graphic design and illustration. I started as a designer within the marketing industry, but quickly decided to shift to the world of design technology. For me, UX design is the perfect balance of creativity, research and problem solving. I’ve always been fascinated by people and human interaction, so UX design was a natural fit. It’s a great combination of art and science and working with MAG has absolutely provided me with various challenges to push the boundaries of our user experiences, from looking after internal websites for colleagues, through to providing seamless door to destination experiences for our passengers.

Data is such an integral part of my role, every decision we make is grounded through research, testing and analysis. In digital product development, UX design is the driving force for creating seamless and positive user experiences. By understanding the behaviour of our users, preferences and pain points, we are able to produce standout products that truly resonate with our customers. This data-driven approach ensures that every touchpoint is designed with the passenger in mind, ultimately streamlining their journey and providing seamless and enjoyable travel experiences.

It’s great to be involved in these wider networks of female empowerment within the technology industry, particularly within aviation as a traditionally male-dominated sector. Outside of work, I spend most days running, going to the gym, hiking, and like to take part in charity events. Living in the city centre, I usually spend my weekends finding new coffee spots for brunch with my friends, and as a huge foodie I’m slowly making my way through the ever-growing food scene in Manchester!

Role: Business Change & Continuous Improvement Specialist

LinkedInSophie Andrews

I joined MAG in 2015, starting my career on the graduate development programme and having since had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles in different parts of the business. Most recently I have taken on the role of Business Change Manager within our Technology team and have worked on projects in Airport Technology, Group Functions and Data & Strategic Analytics.

In 2023 I had the opportunity to complete a Data Literacy Apprenticeship alongside my role – it gave me a great insight into the power of data and how it can be used to enhance performance and make business improvements for our colleagues, customers, and partners. The experience also supported me to develop my data analysis skills, use new tools to visualise data and effectively communicate insights.

At the start of this year, I joined our Data and Strategic Analytics (DASA) team to lead on change management, ensuring our new reports and dashboards are successfully launched to colleagues and adopted by the business. I have loved learning more about the data ecosystem at MAG and supporting the team to assess change impact, facilitate user acceptance testing and design our communications, engagement, and training approach.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and spending time outside with our dog. Working in the aviation industry, I of course also love travelling!

I’m excited about MAG’s partnership with Women in Data – I look forward to joining the community, connecting with others in the industry, and supporting each other to learn, grow and foster inclusivity in our teams.

My career has been dominated by the fact that ‘Data powers everything we do!’

I have worked in various different industries including retail, finance, education and in most of them it was at the time (years ago) when the companies were on their journey of adopting their mindset to data centric strategies and driving towards data first approach.

Having worked in multiple different roles from data analyst, BI consultant to Platform Lead , I dealt with a variety of data challenges and its ever changing landscape and toolsets to deliver business value and shape & present data that tells a story helping make data centric decisions.

Currently, I’m working as a DevOPs Platform Manager leading the team of Devops and platform engineers looking after the data platform ensuring the data flows through in a controlled and secured manner.

I am very analytical & logical thinker which I apply at work and in my leadership style hence career in data was naturally more interesting for me. I was fortunate to have great mentors during my career and I plan to continue helping others on their journey and be a role model at workplace and hopefully to my daughter

I strongly believe in the women’s potential and how we at every opportunity excel in what we do and make it better for future generations. I am passionate about diversity and believe this is what makes world and work a better place.

Outside work, I am a STEM ambassador and as a member of code club and Code first Girls I have conducted multiple session in different schools introducing the world of computer science and coding and encouraging girls to join tech careers.

I love hiking & trekking and love going for walks with my dog. Also when I get a chance I go for women Tennis socials.

Before joining Boots I’ve worked with CapitalOne , University of Nottingham, Money Super Market, Dominos and Dunelm.