Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

At the LEGO group we believe this partnership will help to strengthen and energize our conscious inclusion behaviors every day. We’re committed to building a diverse and representative organization in the image of the world. We want to inspire. We want to change. And we feel our partnership with Women in Data will help us on this journey to improve representation. We want everyone to experience the wonderful data space environment at the LEGO group and we hope to continue growing our global female talent pool and widening our network in the data world.

“We’re committed to building a diverse and representative organization in the image of the world”

How THE LEGO GROUP see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next five years

We predict the following three trends will shape the future of the industry:

More and more data.
The increasing volume and variety of connected devices will generate exponentially growing data volumes. This will have important implications for underlying data technology – how companies build data foundations that are sufficiently scalable – and the prioritisation of data-driven initiatives.

DataOps. Not just data-driven projects. Historically, the extraction of information from raw data has involved many manual stages. Even where advanced machine-learning algorithms are involved. This is changing. Opportunities to put data science ‘directly into production’ to automate and improve many business processes are increasing. This emerging field comes with important responsibilities. So we see it as equally important that companies think about the third trend…

Ethical frameworks for Data Science and AI. Whether it’s the transparency of algorithms, or safeguards against unintended bias, there will be more and more focus on the way companies use data in a responsible way. Consumers are increasingly aware of the risks of data misuse, and the more companies can evidence that they’re doing the right thing, the better.

The world of data continues to be an exciting and vibrant field, and our partnership with Women in Data will help us build a strong, diverse workforce to unlock the huge value from data for our consumers, shoppers, partners and colleagues.

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