Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

At the LEGO group we believe this partnership will help to strengthen and energize our conscious inclusion behaviors every day. We’re committed to building a diverse and representative organization in the image of the world. We want to inspire. We want to change. And we feel our partnership with Women in Data will help us on this journey to improve representation. We want everyone to experience the wonderful data space environment at the LEGO group and we hope to continue growing our global female talent pool and widening our network in the data world.


Martha Lauridsen - WiD
Ellis Bastholm Didriksen
Lead Data Specialist
Violeta Toquero_WiD
Violeta Saldaña Toquero
Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist
Lil Parker
Head of Analytics & Insights Enablement
“We’re committed to building a diverse and representative organization in the image of the world”

How THE LEGO GROUP see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next five years

We predict the following three trends will shape the future of the industry:

More and more data.
The increasing volume and variety of connected devices will generate exponentially growing data volumes. This will have important implications for underlying data technology – how companies build data foundations that are sufficiently scalable – and the prioritisation of data-driven initiatives.

DataOps. Not just data-driven projects. Historically, the extraction of information from raw data has involved many manual stages. Even where advanced machine-learning algorithms are involved. This is changing. Opportunities to put data science ‘directly into production’ to automate and improve many business processes are increasing. This emerging field comes with important responsibilities. So we see it as equally important that companies think about the third trend…

Ethical frameworks for Data Science and AI. Whether it’s the transparency of algorithms, or safeguards against unintended bias, there will be more and more focus on the way companies use data in a responsible way. Consumers are increasingly aware of the risks of data misuse, and the more companies can evidence that they’re doing the right thing, the better.

The world of data continues to be an exciting and vibrant field, and our partnership with Women in Data will help us build a strong, diverse workforce to unlock the huge value from data for our consumers, shoppers, partners and colleagues.

about the LEGO GROUP

We’re the LEGO Group. We’re all about imagination, learning and endless possibilities. And we’ve been inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow since 1932. Over eighty years later, this mission is still at our heart. Every day, our people explore, create and discover – finding new ways to bring the power of learning through play to millions of children around the world. Now, we’re on an exciting journey of digital transformation. One that will see us push boundaries. Develop never done before ideas. And create awesome advances in knowledge and tech. Join us. It’ll be fun.

LEGO® Data Office colleagues attending the Women in Data® Flagship 2024


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Expertise: Predictive Modelling, Translating Data into Actionable Insights, Communication and Engagement, Project Management.

Education: PhD in Agroecology, MSc in Hydrogeology, BSc in Water Engineering

Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saghar-m

My strive for equality started from an early age, due to the societal circumstances. Lucky to had been raised in an aware and supportive family, I learned to imagine and see myself where the norms said “exclusively reserved”.

Throughout my (ongoing) journey, I came to realize how vital the following are to achieve my goals; continuous self-education, keeping ‘inclusion and diversity’ at the heart of any effort, and not least of all, support!

Being passionate about environmental sustainability, I pursued my education in an STEM field where women were unrepresented, and the lack of role models was an impediment. Nevertheless, during university years I played an active role in various committees and mentorship programs to raise awareness, and to define an action plan for systematic changes.

I joined The LEGO Group in February 2022, an inclusive company where I found the shared vision and values. Currently, I am part of the Demand Forecasting team, where we utilize state-of-the-art modelling approaches and data analysis techniques to deliver high quality predictions. Collaboration and engagement with a diverse group of stakeholders only adds to the joy of my daily job.

Expertise:Data Fluency Capability Building, Data Training & Content Creation, User Experience & Usability Testing, Data Visualization & Storytelling, Documentation, Data Governance & Data Stewardship
Education:UX Academy, internal LEGO training focused on designing better user experiences
Chief Happiness Officer Academy, WooHoo Inc. Copenhagen
University of Southern Denmark – Economics and Business Administration
Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martha-sofie-lauridsen-5a84b58/

In my early career I often jumped into the rescue boat to head out and help users, and I acted as a lifeline they could always call with any data related challenges.
I got involved in tracing errors and teaching colleagues about data. I was learning by doing. Unlike others, I enjoyed doing reconciliations and identifying things that did not match – and explaining to others what the root causes were. Doing this gave me a deep understanding of the importance of having processes, master data and source systems looked after and in good shape. These are extremely important when working with data, however, often being ignored, or underestimated.

As part of our Data Office, I am now on a mission to help foster stronger data capabilities to help colleagues unlock the value of data. I am part of showcasing and role modeling what a data driven mindset is and facilitate a data fluent culture where focus is not only on tools and technology. Equally important are the ability to understand the business domain you are working in combined with a user centric focus and storytelling skills.

Joined the LEGO Group in 1995 as Consumer Sales Analyst. Have worked with data ever since in different roles – spanning both the business side in supporting and analyzing roles (e.g., as analyst and financial controller) and the IT side in enabling roles (e.g., as business process consultant and data manager)

As an introvert and Highly Sensitive Person I often sense things before others notice something is wrong. It also means that I am sometimes a bit ahead of what other people and the organization is ready for.

I am the proud owner of 2 electric cars, I relax when knitting and I am fascinated by the slow living thoughts and idea of retiring early.

Expertise: Data Strategy. Data Fluency Capability Building. Leadership and community building.
Education: Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, Master Degree, Asian Studies
Technical University of Denmark, Global Business Engineer
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellis-bastholm-didriksen-a151294/

With a past as an SAP consultant and years of employment within the IT and data fields, I have, presumably like many other women, often experienced being either the only female on a team or part of a small group of women in data and tech teams. For years, I was maybe unconsciously biased myself, tending to believe that it was just the norm in the industry, and you had to accept it. Luckily, the LEGO Group of today is a workplace with a much more up to date view on Diversity and Inclusion.

As a person I am driven by a strong passion to promote a learning and development culture across data related fields, both on organizational as well as individual level. Thus, it has been natural for me to take on roles to lead and engage myself in initiatives where the goal is to empower all LEGO colleagues to make more sense and value out of data.

I am proud to have been one of the early forces to experiment with the idea of establishing an internal platform for colleagues to either start or continue their data learning journey. To promote internally developed learning resources that support peer to peer inspiration and upskilling within e.g. data modelling, data visualization and storytelling in our business context is in line with my strong belief in the great potential of surfacing sometimes tacit knowledge from all my talented colleagues. Obviously, I am delighted to see this approach now being a key element in a strategic data fluency initiative across the company.

It is important for me to bring my best self to work and to spend time on initiatives I see value within. It takes passion, curiosity, persistence and a bit of bravery now and then to make sure that you are challenging yourself and developing towards the career you dream about. This is something I truly hope we can help each other, within our internal WID community, to remember.

Besides being a Lead Data Specialist at the LEGO Group, I am living a family life, married and a mother of two daughters. I strive to be a role-model and to convince my daughters that they can grow up and aspire to careers and life paths as they find interesting. I hope my daughters will grow up and see a world of opportunities regardless of gender and other potential biases in society.

Expertise: Predictive and attribution models, marketing/advertising platforms, automation, media testing, optimization, data visualizations, data story telling

Education: Computer engineering degree, superior degree in statistics techniques, master for teaching maths, music degree and some online training (Google and Meta courses, Stanford University, IPA, ESI, Databricks Academy, Udemy, Coursera…)

Social media details: https://www.linkedin.com/in/violeta-toquero/

I am a passionate Spanish woman who always fights for equal rights and fairness wherever I go. It may come from my dad, who always did the same, went to demonstrations and played music at home with strong messages about doing our bit to improve the world.

I have enjoyed maths, detectives stories, solving puzzles and problems since I was a child.
After studying computers and statistics at Valladolid University, I decided to start my life adventure by moving to London. Over the years, aside from working in marketing and data science in this vibrant city, I traveled the world to learn from other cultures and ways of living, using any opportunity I had to help others: volunteering for the Red Cross, teaching in schools, giving meals to the homeless… anything I could do to give back.

Despite being much more privileged than the people I met, I feel life hasn’t always being easy, constantly having to prove my worth and stand up for equality – maybe it was the reality of being born in a working class family, in the 80s, back when you didn’t see many women studying engineering… but after emigrating to the UK, I have always thought that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard.

Having developed my career for over a decade, I still have the same passion for statistics and the same drive to use my skills and knowledge for the greater good, as when I started.

Since I joined LEGO at the end of 2021, in addition of building cool models to contribute to the mission of reaching all the kids in the world, to be inspired and become the builders of tomorrow, I have taken part in endless volunteering opportunities that the company offers: sponsoring the continuation of the schools projects where I worked in Africa, raising funds to help kids suffering with cancer, showing kids in London how to be creative…

I can’t think of a better place to work, where I am truly accepted for who I am, and able to combine my two passions: stats and giving back to the community!

Expertise: Machine Learning, Mathematical Modelling, Demand Forecasting
Education: Mathematics & Computer Science MSc
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ellyhowells

From an early age, I’ve been drawn to the intricacies of problem-solving. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of cracking a tough brainteaser!

This love for puzzles naturally steered me towards the world of mathematics. Little did I know that this choice would lay the perfect foundation for a career in data. Maths isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unravelling patterns, understanding systems, and making sense of the world—a skill set that’s proven invaluable in the realm of data analysis and beyond.

After graduating, I ventured into the realm of cybersecurity within the defence sector. Here, I learned invaluable lessons in resilience and got my first taste of the tech industry’s fast-paced environment.

As technology evolved, so did my interests. I witnessed the power of data and its potential to drive impactful decisions. This led me to transition into data science, where I taught myself to code in Python and pursued a part-time master’s degree in computer science. This journey laid the foundations to grow my expertise in machine learning and data science techniques.

Then came LEGO®—an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Drawn by the company’s stellar reputation and the chance to tackle fascinating business problems in demand forecasting, I jumped onboard. It’s incredibly fulfilling to work in a collaborative team where I can develop cutting-edge machine learning models with direct and tangible impacts. Knowing that our work is relied upon by the business is really rewarding.

For me, the excitement lies in continually learning and taking on new challenges. At the LEGO Group, I’m constantly pushing boundaries, experimenting with new models, and exploring innovative techniques. This aspect of growth and development keeps me energised and motivated every day.

Expertise: Data Visualisation & Storytelling, Data Products, Team Management
Education: BSc Mathematics (Hons)
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lil-parker/

As many of us have in the past, I have worked at some challenging companies or been in challenging teams. Whether being the only female analyst in a room of 50 or being asked to ‘add feminine touch’ to a presentation by a more junior male colleague, it is not always easy to be a woman in data.

I decided to join the LEGO Group when looking for a company that aligned more with my personal values. A company that invests in its people, commits to doing good in the world in terms of sustainability & charity, and has high standards for its employees ‘only the best is good enough’.

In the 5 years I have been with the LEGO Group, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to move into a leadership role. I am lucky to have had such supportive management and mentors, both men and women that have helped me see my potential and shape my career.

But it is really my own drive, values, and the resilience I have built that has got me here. I truly believe you do not need to compromise who you are to get where you want to be. You need to find the right environment for you to thrive – a place where the value you bring is recognised and appreciated.

I love that in my team I still get to be hands on; coming from within the team gives me a unique opportunity to support the team practically with their data products and balance this with the other leadership responsibilities. I always encourage my team to invest in personal development to continue their growth and encourage innovation within our area. I am proud to work at the LEGO Group and am energised my the path we are on to elevate our A&I organisation.