Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

Attracting, retaining, and developing female talent across the world is not only essential to IBM’s company culture, it is a business imperative. Women have played a critical role in driving innovation at IBM since its’ inception and continue to be a key pillar of our success.

Yet we feel that our work has just begun. We look forward to 2022 and beyond with a renewed conviction and deeper commitment.

Our collaboration with Women in Data is pivotal to our journey of diversity and inclusion. Our partnership provides us with a platform where we can celebrate and inspire our female talent, as well as widening our network to connect with incredible women across the world of data.

Emma Young, Managing Analytics Consultant – IBM Consulting


Emma joined IBM as a Data Science Consultant after a background in mathematics and working with people led her to pursue a career that brought the best of both of those worlds together. Across numerous years and clients, Emma has worked on a wide variety of projects using data to solve different client needs and loves taking an ambiguous business problem and working with the industry experts to craft a data-driven solution. As a consultant, no two roles have ever been the same and Emma’s experience includes everything from statistical analysis of medical trials, to running data science training courses.

Emma now specialises within the public sector and government projects. Alongside her role providing data science leadership and expertise across a number of projects, she now co-leads the account people program and is responsible for heading up Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives in collaboration with her clients.

Sophie Nolan, Associate Partner, AI & Analytics – IBM Consulting


After graduating with a first-class degree in Mathematics with Music, Sophie joined IBM’s graduate programme in 2008 to pursue a career as a Strategic Analytics consultant. After several successful engagements, helping our clients make better decisions using the insight derived from data, she decided to specialise in the Automotive industry where she is now part of the executive leadership team with a special focus on diversity and inclusion.

Sophie enjoys being part of a large team at IBM where the breadth of capabilities mean that we can help our clients with all stages of their transformation journey. She is also passionate about ensuring her team can bring their full selves to work and that our practices both enable and support those who need flexibility in their schedule.

Francesca Salvadori PhD, Managing Consultant, AI & Analytics – IBM Consulting


Francesca shifted career path to consulting and joined IBM in July 2019. She holds a Ph.D. in Conversation Analysis and comes with a wealth of transferable skills honed during her academic career in human-computer interaction, ethnomethodology and linguistics. She is now a Managing Consultant in the AI & Analytics Practice, specialising in data-driven and user-centric solutions. Francesca is passionate about the world of AI and is an expert in Machine Learning, NLP and AI Strategy.

She specialises in delivering AI solutions where data analysis and technology integration are at the core of delivering long-term effective change. IBM has allowed her to thrive within collaborative and agile environments, across multiple industries and is continuously up skilling herself by delivering projects across all the major Cloud platforms. Francesca has a strong AI ethical vision and has gained experience in working with clients which have complex data handling data privacy requirements. Recently she has been focusing on scaling multi-lingual Virtual Assistants across different countries for her clients. She feels empowered and protected by the culture that IBM has created for women working in AI and is constantly inspired by her colleagues’ efforts in ensuring an inclusive work culture.

Attracting, retaining, and developing female talent across the world is not only essential to IBM’s company culture, it is a business imperative.

How ibm see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next five years

The world of data is ever-changing, and full of opportunities. Here are some of the key trends we expect to dominate the world of data.

Digital transformation underpinned by data. As entire industries face greater uncertainty, business models are becoming more sensitive to and dependent on new technologies. We expect rapid, insight-driven digital transformation fueled by cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies such the Internet of Things (IoT) to remain on the top of the agenda, whilst quantum computing is poised to transform how we work with data.

Trust and security underpin sustained innovation. For technology to help our work and improve our lives, it must respect our data and the insights about us, and it must be transparent and explainable. Organisations will continue to recognise the importance of a holistic approach to governed data and AI technology.

Priorities of a post-pandemic world. People are rethinking their priorities and redefining responsibility. Companies need to provide transparent and detailed data about their initiatives if they want to connect with purpose-driven consumers, and talent. We expect actionable data to play a key part in the force for good, driving decisions towards sustainability, climate change as well as diversity and inclusion.  

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