Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

Haleon is a global leader in consumer health that combines innovation, deep human understanding and trusted science to improve the health of millions of consumers across the globe. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart of our purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity. We are delighted to partner with Women in Data to further promote the important role of women within the innovative and exciting world of data.


Sarah Harris
Interim Chief Data Officer
Data Office, Haleon
Emma Duckworth
Emma Duckworth
Head of Data Science
Data Office, Haleon
Anahita Talwar
Data Scientist
Data Office, Haleon
DianaVarbanescu_HaleonHeadshots (1)
Diana Varbanescu
Marketing Data Products Director
Data Office, Haleon
FlorenceCesa_HaleonHeadshots06.07.22(©ElyseMarks)_002-EditR (1) (1)
Florence Cesa
Junior Data Scientist
Data Office, Haleon
Dr Shruti Turner
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Office, Haleon

How Haleon see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

The dynamic importance of data will continue to evolve and impact our everyday lives and our business. This evolution will drive our need for more accurate data, both to set organisations up for success and to enable better, more personal, engagement with customers and consumers. This will be supported by the steps being taken by the UK government to increase the amount of data available to businesses, allowing for greater insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and other important factors.

Increased trust in data will be critical, with predictive analytics driving deeper human understanding and delivering more meaningful health interactions. A more insightful use of data will drive an increase in personal health engagements, with innovations such as generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at the forefront. As innovations become more widespread data for good and data lineage will become increasingly important, supported by legislation informing the responsible and ethical use of AI to build and maintain consumer and business confidence.

about Haleon

Haleon (LSE / NYSE: HLN) is a global leader in consumer health, with a purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity. Haleon’s product portfolio spans five major categories – Oral Health, Pain Relief, Respiratory Health, Digestive Health and Other, and Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS). Its long-standing brands – such as Advil, Sensodyne, Panadol, Voltaren, Theraflu, Otrivin, Polident, Parodontax and Centrum – are built on trusted science, innovation, and deep human understanding.

For more information, please visit www.haleon.com.

Emma is one of Women in Data’s 20 in Data & Tech 2023

LinkedIn: Emma Duckworth | LinkedIn

Emma Duckworth built the global team of data scientists and machine learning engineers at Haleon in the run up to the de-merger from GSK. Emma now leads a team focused on delivering everyday health with humanity and trusted data science through AI/ML products and innovation in marketing, R&D and supply chain.​

Emma is a mathematician by background and has a master’s in applied mathematics from LSE. Emma’s love of maths has translated into a drive for understanding consumers and delivering value with data science throughout her 10 years of experience building innovative products in large corporates and start-ups.

Emma believes data science is a critical tool in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges, from health inclusivity to sustainability. Her work has spanned retail, financial services, insurance, utilities, charities, and hospitality, with the use of data to drive competitive advantage a common theme. At Haleon, Emma now takes the start-up culture of pace, research and innovation and applies it at scale to a global organisation.​

Emma is passionate about Ethical AI and the importance of using technology responsibly. A key component of developing AI systems responsibly is building diverse and inclusive teams, and at Haleon Emma has introduced the Data & Analytics apprenticeship programme, and championed partnerships such as Teens in AI, to encourage more people from wide ranging backgrounds to join the field of Data Science.

Sarah is currently Interim Chief Data Office at Haleon, whilst also having responsibility for the Data Management and Data Strategy teams. Sarah’s focus on inclusivity and her passion for all things data, has ensured that she has worked closely with her Leadership team to build a talented, supported, and strong data capability within Haleon.

Sarah has an eclectic background having been born in Suffolk, and raised in Nigeria for 8 years, before returning to England where she subsequently went on to gain a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics, and an MSc in Integrated Management Systems at the University of Birmingham.

Having paused in her aspiration to become an astronaut, Sarah has worked across various aspects of data through Production Planning, Data and Analytics, Solution Architecture, and Data Strategy, and Delivery Leadership within her roles at Unilever, Accenture, and Slalom, before joining GSK and Haleon.

Through her work, Sarah holds the firm belief that data, and inclusivity, are key enablers of our future success. Sarah’s ambition, shared by her team, is to ensure that every decision is powered by data, so that ultimately, we accelerate our human understanding and enable bold decisions that support Haleon’s ambitions to deliver everyday health with humanity.


MA  – Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

MSc – Neuroscience, University College London

PhD – Computational Psychiatry, University College London

Social Media Details: Anahita Talwar | LinkedIn


Ani joined the team at Haleon in June 2022 as a Data Scientist within the Data Office. Prior to this, she completed her PhD, in which she developed computational models of decision-making processes with the goal of improving our understanding of neuroscience and mental health. The thorough use of statistical and programming principles in her doctoral research, highlighted to Ani both the huge potential of machine learning and data science methods in healthcare, but also the limitations of scientific objectivity due to social and methodological biases in data interpretation. These insights drove Ani’s motivation to pursue a career in data science, to further her understanding of algorithmic nuances and ultimately advance their application in science and healthcare.

At Haleon, Ani has the opportunity to expand her expertise in machine learning theory and practice among a team of individuals with diverse experiences. As part of her role, she builds and deploys web-based applications to automate and improve workflow efficiencies. She also develops models of consumer purchasing behaviour to gain insights on local market structures, thus unlocking opportunities for us to better serve the local population with more tailored products. Ani is part of an interdisciplinary team using data science to tackle historical biases in research and healthcare, specifically, aiming to improve the gender data gap.

She believes that having diversity of perspectives at the table is key to improving healthcare outcomes for everyone and as part of the Data Science team has represented Haleon’s Data Office in promoting and encouraging participation of women and girls in STEM subjects.


Diana studied Law and, later on, Arts and Humanities and has a genuine interest and true passion for all things Digital and since the early interactions with Digital Age of the 2000s has turned a genuine interest, a hobby, into a full-time career and never looked back!

Social Media Details: Diana Varbanescu | LinkedIn


With 20 years’ experience in Digital, Diana joined Haleon, (which was part of GSK Consumer Healthcare at the time), in 2015 as a Digital Director part of the Global Marketing team, specialising in advertising technology, AdTech and MarTech solutions for Data Driven Marketing. She led the implementation and roll out of the first pieces of marketing tech stack and data products directly owned by GSK Consumer Healthcare and established the foundations of data and tech infrastructure for marketing.

Diana then took the role of Digital Data Products Director within the newly created Data Office working on a number of innovation data products, as well as Data Strategy projects, Data Science solutions and Data foundations. In this role, Diana leads a team that manages agile data squads shaping core data products, and running experiments, as well as standing up Data Innovation prototypes for Haleon’s Consumer and Expert needs.


Angela Ruskin University: BSc (Hons) in Data Science (2022-2025)

Burlington Danes Academy: A-levels (Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics)

Cambridge Spark: Data Analyst (Level 4) Apprenticeship

Social Media Details: Florence Cesa | LinkedIn


Florence started as a Data Analyst Apprentice in September 2020 in a Data Science team at Haleon (which was part of GSK Consumer Healthcare at the time). Through the Apprenticeship scheme, Florence has had the opportunity to work with different professional profiles in data such data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and many more. She became part of a Data Science team, within the Data Office, that uses mathematical techniques and algorithmic approaches to derive solutions to complex business and scientific problems.

After successful completion of her apprenticeship in 2022, Florence took on the role of a Junior Data Scientist. As part of her role, Florence supports development and implementation of custom data science models and machine learning algorithms, one of which helps targeted predictive risk management of Quality & Supply Chain manufacturing sites using XGBoost.

Florence enjoys being in an interdisciplinary field because of the vast amount to learn. She is currently working on a project that aims to help R&D Scientists understand how similar oral health formulas are, and what ingredients are driving clustering space and corresponding stability profiles, based on the formula’s base set of ingredients through clustering analysis. The goal is to accelerate product development to meet the everyday needs of consumers.

Alongside her project work, Florence is a facilitator of shared learning amongst the apprentices in the Data Science Team. She organises bi-weekly presentations for the entire Data Science team to share learnings as well as improve presentational skills.


BEng Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Southampton

MSc Biomedical Engineering, University of Southampton

PhD Prosthetic Rehabilitation, Imperial College London

Social Media: LinkedIn and Twitter


Shruti completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2021, followed by an academic research post where she specialised in physical rehabilitation and improving quality of life through prosthetic fit for people with lower limb amputations. She delivered a TEDx Talk on her research in 2020. During her time in healthcare research, she found that there is a wealth of data that isn’t being captured or utilised to progress the field and her aim is to help change that. Shruti believes data-driven approaches, combined with user engagement, can improve quality of life in healthcare settings and reach towards health equity. By combining her biomedical engineering research and her Machine Learning experience, Shruti has the skills to drive this forward.

Shruti joined Haleon as a Machine Learning Engineer in August 2022, where she is responsible for the deployment and monitoring of Data Science models to add value to stakeholders. She also contributes to Haleon’s MLOps maturity level through design and implementation of best practices and creation of key tools. Shruti is part of a multi-disciplinary team driving innovative data research to minimise the healthcare gender data gap to improve outcomes for women. Currently, she is working on increasing our understanding of the ways female-specific biological risk factors can influence the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Shruti believes that great science should be shared for deeper understanding and to inspire others to get involved too, breaking down barriers. She co-runs the Haleon Data Science Blog (which launched in 2023), an opportunity for team members to share their expertise and their professional journeys.