Ep.97 Transcending Industries: Sumathi Thiyagarajan’s Story

By admin 3 months ago

Ever wondered how transferable skills can shape your career path? Karen spent some quality time with the remarkable Sumathi Thiyagarajan, VP of Business Strategy and Analytics for the Milwaukee Bucks, to discuss this exact topic. Sumathi has lived the reality of transitioning across industries, from healthcare to academia, and finally making her mark in the world of sports and entertainment. In this episode, Sumathi shares her journey and her strategies to build credibility, emphasising the power of transferable skills in data and highlighting the often-overlooked non-technical skills that have proven instrumental in her career so far.

The conversation then takes an inspiring turn as Sumathi shares her personal experiences as a woman of colour navigating data and analytics leadership, and how her position at the top allows her to bring diverse talent and perspectives to the organisation. Get ready to be inspired, challenged and empowered.

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