Ep.95 – Unlocking Your Role: A Guide for Gaining Clarity

By admin 4 months ago

Ever experienced a lack of clear expectations about what was required for you to progress at work? You’re not alone.

Lack of role definition is a common pain point in the data industry, likely due to its dynamic nature and a general lack of data literacy within organisations. Listen in as Karen and Cecilia explore how this uncertainty can make data teams feel more like a service team than a valued asset, and the critical role of leadership in providing clear career guidance.

Moving forward, they shift their focus to stress management and how a lack of control and support at the workplace can dampen motivation among data professionals. They then share some tried and tested strategies to regain control and chart a way forward. Lastly, they craft a comprehensive personal development plan, emphasising the importance of setting clear goals, involving your manager in the process, and regularly reflecting on your strengths and aspirations. Listen to this episode for these insights and more!


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