Ep.92 Salla Franzén – Data Leadership: A Journey of Delight and Discovery

By admin 7 months ago

In this Women in Data® episode, Karen is joined by Salla Franzén, Investment Manager at Navigare Ventures. Together, they delve into a captivating discussion about the crucial role of leadership in shaping successful data-driven organisations. 
Salla and Karen highlight how essential it is to maintain a sense of wonder in the world of data. Salla shares her perspective on finding delight in the intricate web of data work and how cultivating this enthusiasm can lead to innovation and learning. The pair also discusses how to provide an environment that encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones, enabling them to discover their potential and excel in their roles. Salla stresses the importance of creating an atmosphere characterised by kindness, humbleness, and curiosity – values that not only foster collaboration but also drive continuous improvement. 
Tune into this Women in Data® episode and discover how to lead with purpose, infuse joy into data work, and inspire teams to excel in data-driven organisations.   

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