Ep.89 Rianna Kelly – Guide to Seamless Data Team Onboarding

By admin 5 months ago

In this episode, Karen is joined by Rianna Kelly, Head of Product Analytics & Data Scientist at ZEPZ, to discuss the intricacies of onboarding experiences within data teams. 

While the onboarding period may be relatively brief in one’s tenure, its significance is undeniable as it sets the scene for what’s to come. The realm of data work is notably complex, demanding a grasp of technology, data, processes, and business acumen, rendering onboarding in data teams a unique challenge.   

Throughout the conversation, Rianna uses her expertise to describe the components of a great onboarding experience and shares practical strategies to make it easier. She emphasises the significance of documentation in efficiently navigating different data products, providing essential tips to streamline the integration process. Karen and Rianna also debate the optimal speed at which to absorb new information and build connections without feeling inundated by the sea of new faces and challenges.   


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