Ep.85 Elevate your career in data with a better approach to learning

By admin 10 months ago

Join Karen and Cecilia in this insightful episode as they dive deep into the crucial topic of learning and development, a subject close to Karen’s heart and frequently discussed in mentoring conversations. With the rapid pace of the field, navigating the vast array of skills and knowledge can often feel overwhelming, leaving us with limited time to address them all.

During their conversation, Karen and Cecilia share their top strategies for approaching learning in a sustainable and impactful manner. Discover invaluable insights on effectively deciding what to learn, prioritising topics or skills, and crafting a comprehensive development plan. Moreover, gain practical advice on overcoming common blockers that hinder progress in the learning journey.

Tune in and equip yourself with the tools and guidance to embark on a successful and fulfilling path of continuous learning in the dynamic world of data.

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