Ep.57 Gelareh Taghizadeh – AI & NLP in practice

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This week, Karen is joined by Gelareh Taghizadeh, Lead Data Scientist at Beamery and active member of the Women of MENA in technology community. At the time of the recording, Gelareh was working at Cogx, and in this episode, she gives a detailed explanation of how Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing are revolutionising the podcasting industry. You will, for example, hear about how graph-based summarisers enable snippet identification. You will also hear about the role cloud computing and deep learning played in improving algorithms’ performance, allowing the integration of NLP in our daily lives, as well as the top skills needed to make a start in data science and NLP. Gelareh closes the conversation by explaining how through knowledge and idea-sharing, and by showing what’s possible, London’s NLP community helped her nurture her passion.

Show notes
Connect with Geraleh on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gelareh-taghizadeh-247b3435/

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