Ep.102 Anusha Adige – Finding your space in Data

By admin 4 months ago

If you are wondering about where and how you fit into the world of Data, this episode will provide a great perspective. Anusha Adige moved from India to Scotland, and from Banking specialist to Business Analyst, and now Data and Analytics Manager. Though she came from a non-technical background, she learned to work with programmers to generate powerful business insights. Karen and Cecilia were fascinated to hear about the transferable skills of someone who is a naturally curious person. Discussions between business people and data people often get lost in translation. So, Data needs “really efficient data translators” and stories supported by numbers.

Hear how you can develop in confidence and bring more to the business.

Anusha Adige on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/anusha-adige-474b7287/


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