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By combining strategy, technology, data science, and creative design expertise with an inventive mindset, we partner with our clients to transform their business, helping them navigate today, while plotting a course for the future.

We believe in the power of diverse perspectives in creating ground-breaking solutions. Our Women in Analytics and AI initiative provides a platform for female and gender diverse professionals to shine, share knowledge, and drive the future of data-led transformation.

Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

At Capgemini Invent, we’ve partnered with Women in Data to join the movement and be a force for positive change in the data and analytics industry. We champion this platform for women, gender diverse professionals and our allies to amplify their voices and foster inclusive environments for realising untapped potential’

Our Collaboration

Joint publication between Women in Data and Capgemini Invent

Data-driven action to close the gender health gap

Capgemini Invent has collaborated with Women in Data® to address the gender health gap. The partnership generated a ground-breaking policy paper that argues for major shifts in data collection and analysis to combat growing gender inequality in healthcare. By gathering insights from data and health experts, the paper aims to guide policymakers and practitioners in utilizing data to improve women’s health, outlining key challenges and recommendations. This publication marks a critical stage, setting the direction for more extensive research and discussions to unlock data’s potential in enhancing women’s healthcare.

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Women at Capgemini

Women at Invent:

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We have a range of expertise in different areas of Analytics and AI led by inspiring women with different backgrounds and profiles

Melania Manti, Managing Consultant

Expertise: Asset & IoT Analytics, Discovery & Product Management
Education: LLB Law with International Relations

Melania has a background in both management consulting and tech start-ups. Her interests lie in how advanced analytics and artificial intelligence can disrupt engineering and asset heavy industries. She has had the opportunity to work across multiple sectors, including maritime shipping, defence, and oil & gas. As part of her internal work, she is coordinating a number of recruitment activities, with a focus on improving gender balance across all grades. Before entering this sector, she explored a career in law, wanting to become a human rights lawyer. She has volunteered with young offenders on community sentences, immigrants in welcome centres and supporting appeals on social security cases. Over the years, Melania has cultivated a sense of self-empowerment which she is passionate about transmitting onto other women in her industry and beyond. She strongly believes that “the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”.

Elisa Sai, Senior Director 

Expertise: Analytics & AI Strategy and Transformation

Education: PhD Historical Studies


Over the years, Elisa has worked with many organisations across the public and private sector leading numerous data, analytics, and AI programmes. Elisa has explored different career paths (including oboe player and art historians!) before deciding to focus on delivering organisational and societal value through the insight provided by data. All these different life and career experiences have proved vital in shaping her values and determination to achieve her objectives, whilst also giving her the space to balance family and personal life. Currently, she is a member of the leadership team in the Analytics & AI team in Capgemini Invent mainly focusing on advisory and strategy projects.

Diana Akanho, Managing Consultant – Data and AI Advisory

Expertise: Data Management, Strategy, Analysis, Storytelling and workshopping

Education: MSc Applied Statistics, BSc Mathematics and Statistics


Diana has worked across many organisations and sectors, with a focus on data. Through her experience, she has developed and grown her analysis and presenting skills. More importantly she has overcome different challenges (with support) that has helped shape how she deals with a range of situations with discernment. Data has always been at the core of what Diana does, and in 2018, she was named as ‘Twenty in Data and Tech’ by Women in Data and The Female Lead. Since then she has gone on to speak at numerous data and tech related events and was named in Data IQ’s prestigious list of 100 influential people in Data in the years 2020 and 2021. Currently, Diana is part of the AI and Advisory team at Capgemini Invent. As part of The Women in Analytics and AI community, she spearheads efforts to make women feel empowered and grow their careers.

Claire Williams

Area of expertise – Analytics & AI for Retail & Consumer Products

Education – BA (Hons) Business Information Systems | Chartered Management Consultant


From the age of 14, Claire always wanted to work in “Business & Computers”, dreaming of travelling the world with her laptop. Her 14-year-old self would be delighted at where she’s ended up, and she’s really hoping her 8-year-old niece follows suit! Aside from always wanting to work in this space, she also developed an early love for the buzz of working in retail and the immediacy of any action she took having an impact on someone’s day. She worked the checkouts & customer service at Sainsbury’s from the age of 16 while at Sixth Form & University, and then after a few other steps in her career journey, Claire ended up back at Sainsbury’s HQ leading their MI Transformation. Her ultimate test in all that she does and how she does it is, ‘can she explain it to her parents’. The combination of Analytics, AI & Retail / CPG fits that brief perfectly. She spent 11.5 years at IBM finding her niche and growing her career before finding her way to Capgemini Invent where she’s now VP for CPG & Retail in their Analytics & AI team.  Claire absolutely loves it.

Her 14-year-old self is not forgotten, and her hopes for her 8-year-old niece remain strong. Claire is also proud to be the co-lead for Girls in Data, an organisation dedicated to inspiring young people from the age of 5 to have the skills, the stories, and the knowledge of what a career in the exciting world of data could be. Women in Data have done so much for her, she wants to make sure that Women & Girls can benefit from this uniquely fantastic network.

Vanessa Fernandes

Area of expertise: Chief Data Office Advisory, Data Strategy, Data Management, Data Transformation

Education: MBA, Bachelor of Business Management (Finance & Econometrics)


Vanessa partners with senior executives as they bring technology and analytics to bear on complex business problems. She advises organisations through the steps required to develop analytics capabilities, improve value generated from data and deliver strategic outcomes. Many of the initiatives Vanessa leads involve building data driven organisations that realise benefits of innovation, improved efficiency and decision making. As the Head of Chief Data Office Advisory and Data Management, h She proudly leads the Women in Analytics and AI community, championing diversity of thought and fostering a powerful network that breaks barriers and transforms the future of data-driven innovation.


India Hatfield

Area of expertise: Supply Chain Analytics and Product Management.

Education: BSc Biochemistry


India has experience in the pharmaceutical, retail and consumer products sectors working across management consulting and industry positions. Her passion lies in utilizing data to unlock value across long and complex supply chains, having lead supply chain analytics transformation programs to drive supply chain efficiency and agility. India leverages her combination of analytical and soft skills to identify and articulate insights for clients, acting as a boundary spanner between the supply chain business and technical teams. Internally India is passionate about building a sense of community at Capgemini, leading active inclusion initiatives and her team’s Community & Wellbeing group.

Ria Singh

Expertise: Data Analytics, Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence

Education: MSc Research Methods in Psychology, BSc (Hons) Psychology


Ria brings a people-focused mindset to the field of data and analytics, recognising that true enterprise value from data can only be realised if the topic is made less intimidating for individuals. She brands herself as a ‘data cheerleader,’ and combines her enthusiasm with four years of expertise in visual reporting and insights generation across several sectors. She is keen about representation of different groups at the organisational level. She helps to foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing within the Women in Analytics & AI group by leading the socials stream.

Joanna Peplow

Area of expertise – AI&Analytics strategic advisor

Education – CA , BSCHons Aston University


Joanne is an AI & Analytics leader whose focus is on advising clients across multiple sectors on how to unlock value from their data using AI & Analytics solutions. Her consulting background spans across consumer product and retail loyalty. Her work has taken her all over the world across Europe, USA, Southern & Central America, South East Asia, and Australia. She is also a qualified Chartered Accountant with prior experience in the Big 4.

In addition to this, she has a passion for travel, scuba diving and generally exploring the world, although all that has gone on hold not only due to Covid19 but also the arrival of a gorgeous baby boy and black Labrador puppy.

Angelica Beleno

Area of expertise – Data Science, Data Engineering, Visualization

Education – Mathematics MMath (Hons), University of St Andrews


Angelica is a Data Scientist with over 5 years’ experience in providing AI & Analytics consulting services to clients across various industries, including CPRD and Energy & Utilities. She works closely with clients to innovate and deliver scalable, data-driven solutions that redefine business processes. Known for her hands-on approach, Angelica enjoys the challenge of unravelling complex data and transforming it into actionable insights that drive impactful decisions. Angelica is passionate about learning and enjoys sharing her experience with others. She empowers women to embark on successful careers in the tech domain as an instructor with Code First: Girls.

Olivia Rennison

Area of Expertise: Data, Analytics & AI

Education: MSc Data Science


Olivia has always had a clear passion for the technology sector and embarked on her career by delving into SAP development. She soon discovered her true love and interest in data, and decided to pursue a master’s degree in Data Science. Concurrently, Olivia worked as an Analytics Developer, further nurturing her enthusiasm for analytics, databases and machine learning. Olivia favours the industrial sector and her enthusiasm for working on projects in this domain are evident in her dedication to tackling challenges and finding innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. Olivia is also deeply committed to addressing the gender gap in the tech industry. In particular, she often teaches coding courses tailored to empower women and foster their interest in technology. Through her efforts, Olivia strives to inspire women to embark on successful careers in tech, making a positive impact on the industry’s landscape.

Liz Henderson

Area of expertise (eg. Data Transformation) – Data Governance & Management | Digital Transformation | Data Migration | Data Culture | Data Literacy

Education – AAT – Association Of Accountancy Technicians


Liz is an accomplished senior data leader and mentor with experience operating globally, both in consulting and in industry.

She empowers individuals and organisations to unlock the full potential of their data through leadership and guidance – fostering a culture of capability, confidence, and curiosity. This leads to improved decision-making, innovation, and competitiveness, and ultimately to increased success and growth.

Bringing data to life and making it relatable for all, she brings a depth and breadth of experience in advising organisations on data initiatives including digital transformation, data migration, data mesh, data fabric, corporate compliance and data culture. Liz also supports organisations in developing a data strategy to generate value and recognise data as an asset to enable delivery of their strategic goals outlined in their business strategy.

Beyond her extensive corporate experience, Liz has a data blog with over 100 posts, is a Non-exec Director, STEM ambassador and a keen gardener.

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“At Capgemini Invent, we believe in a workplace where everyone feels valued for who they are. By fostering an inclusive culture, we are building a place where our people can grow and thrive.A diverse workplace is at the forefront of this transformation, bringing unique experiences and insights to the table and paving the way for transformative insights and innovation.”

-Alex Slater, Managing Director, Capgemini Invent UK

How Capgemini Invent see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next five years

The Data and Analytics market is continuing to grow exponentially and is expected to reach over $448 billion by 2027. The data imperative is fuelling investments on data ecosystems, Cloud and AI solutions and more recently generative AI. But to unlock the real power of data organisations there needs to be more than solely building technology and AI products.

A robust data culture and literacy need to take higher priority. Increased demand for data specialists will require refining the workforce’s strategy, developing the right structures and cultures within organisations to enable employees to grow and progress in a diverse and innovative environment.

From a service perspective, personalised services will drive demand and consumers will need to build trust in the companies to which they provide their information. Transparency about how consumer data is used, as well as their ability to interact with their own data, will help to strengthen these relationships.

Finally, and of huge importance to us is that the sustainability agenda becomes more embedded into core businesses and operations. Data-powered intelligence will be key to help organisations successfully drive their sustainable transformations, from commitments to action.