Why we’ve partnered with Women in data…

At Capgemini Invent, we’ve partnered with Women in Data to join the movement and to be a force for positive change in the data science and analytics industry. We champion this platform for female and gender diverse data professions and encourage the sharing of technical knowledge and experiences as well as the illumination of women in the industry.

We have a range of expertise in different areas of Analytics and AI led by inspiring women with different backgrounds and profiles

Marlene Osei-Asante, Senior Manager

Expertise: Visual Analytics, Data & Analytics and Data Transformation

Education: MEng Chemical Engineering 


Marlene is an experienced leader with extensive experience in Visual Analytics, Data & Analytics and Data Transformation programmes. She has significant experience in garnering insights from data and driving change for her clients. Her value add, proactive based approach to delivery and strong leadership skills have been honed throughout her roles working with both key client stakeholders and multidisciplinary teams.

She has over 7 years experience in consulting and is known for her direct but flexible approach at tackling client problems and combining large data sets to clarify and distil strategic objectives.

She advises clients on how to gain the value from data using analytics and is trusted to consider the right technologies, implementing strategies and change management. She has experience in the Finance, Government and Environmental sectors following on from Chemical Engineering (MEng) studies at Imperial College London.

Melania Manti, Managing Consultant

Expertise: Asset & IoT Analytics, Discovery & Product Management

Education: LLB Law with International Relations


Melania has a background in both management consulting and tech start-ups. Her interests lie in how advanced analytics and artificial intelligence can disrupt engineering and asset heavy industries. She has had the opportunity to work across multiple sectors, including maritime shipping, defence, and oil & gas.

As part of her internal work, she is coordinating a number of recruitment activities, with a focus on improving gender balance across all grades.

Before entering this sector, she explored a career in law, wanting to become a human rights lawyer. She has volunteered with young offenders on community sentences, immigrants in welcome centres and supporting appeals on social security cases.

Over the years, Melania has cultivated a sense of self-empowerment which she is passionate about transmitting onto other women in her industry and beyond. She strongly believes that “the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”.

Elisa Sai, Senior Director 

Expertise: Data, Analytics and AI Strategy and Transformation

Education: PhD Historical Studies


Over the years, Elisa has worked with many organisations across the public and private sector leading numerous data, analytics and AI programmes.

Elisa has explored different career paths (including oboe player and art historians!) before deciding to focus on delivering organisational and societal value through the insight provided by data. All these different life and career experiences have proved vital in shaping her values and determination to achieve her objectives, whilst also balancing family and personal life.

Currently, she is a member of the leadership team in the Analytics & AI team in Capgemini Invent mainly focusing on advisory and strategy projects. As a strong advocate of gender diversity in the data space, she leads the Women in Analytics & AI community and Capgemini partnership with Women in Data.

Nadia Kiani, Senior Consultant

Expertise: Consumer Insights & Intelligent Automation

Education: MSc Applied Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence


Nadia is a Senior Management Consultant within Capgemini Invent’s Analytics & AI Advisory team, with core expertise in Consumer Insights and Intelligent Automation.

Nadia has experience in helping clients understand how to leverage data to answer business questions. She also leads the Intelligent Automation capability within the Analytics & AI team to help client harness the power of automation combined with AI to enhance business processes, augment the workforce and improve customer engagement.

At Capgemini, Nadia is co-leading the Women in Analytics & AI community where she takes pride in raising awareness on all initiatives to represent and support talented women within the team.

lucy gibbs, Senior Manager

Expertise: Customer insights & Retail Operations Analytics

Education: MSc Applied Statistics and Operational Research 


Throughout her career, Lucy has developed a passion for understanding customer behaviours through data and unlocking the impact of analytics in retail. Lucy has specialised in customer and digital analytics, and worked with a number of retailers across the globe to implement digital marketing transformations, data driven customer strategies and predictive and statistical models for key operations, ensuring that data and insight at the heart of business decisions. Currently, Lucy leads the Retail Analytics and AI at Capgemini and is an active mentor and advocate for gender diversity in data and consulting.

Lucy also enjoys the affinity of arts and science and her musical education has shaped her approach to day to day work; for example, how to share the meaning and impact of complex analytics to difference audiences, working collaboratively with colleagues and often using improvisation skills to proactively problem solve and explore new ideas.

Mathilde Testard, Director

Expertise: Data Strategy and Transformation for Financial Institutions

Education: MSc in Corporate Finance


Mathilde Testard is a Director in Data at Capgemini Invent, she initially joined the Paris office working in Innovative Strategies and Transformation, then specialising in the Fast digital team. Mathilde accelerated through the company to work at the Global Office as Chief of Staff for the Chief Executive Officer before reaching her current role as Director.

Mathilde shapes data strategies and transformations, for Financial Institutions to get the best value of data, insights and analytics.

She is passionate about leading data multi-disciplinary teams, and strongly believes in the value from diversity.

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“We champion this platform for female and gender diverse data professions and encourage the sharing of technical knowledge and experiences as well as the illumination of women in the industry”

How Capgemini Invent see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next five years

Data and Analytics market is continuing to grow exponentially and expected to reach over $448 billion by 2027. The data imperative is fuelling investments on data ecosystems, Cloud and AI solutions. But to unlock the real power of data organisation there needs to be more than solely building technology and AI products.

A robust data culture and literacy need to take higher priority. Increased demand for data specialists will require refining the workforce’s strategy, developing the right structures and cultures within organisations to enable employees to grow and progress in a diverse and innovative environment.

From a service perspective, personalised services will drive demand and consumers will need to build trust in the companies to whom they provide their information. Transparency about how consumer data is used, as well as their ability to interact with their own data, will help to strengthen these relationships.

Finally, as the sustainability agenda becomes more embedded into core businesses and operations, data-powered intelligence will be key to help organisations successfully drive their sustainable transformations, from commitments to action.

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