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Mango Solutions recognises that our people are our most valuable asset. For us to achieve and succeed we look to attract and retain the right skills and the best minds – and this means diversity. Diversity is a key driver of innovation and a diverse team harbours creative thinking, and allows us to work more effectively within a diverse marketplace.


Mango Solutions are empowering organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics.

Mango provide advanced analysis solutions, consulting, training, and application development for some of the best-known companies in the world. Founded in 2002 and based in UK, Mango offers a number of bespoke products and services for data analysis, including validation of open-source software for regulated industries.


Spotlight on Nic Crane

sponsor employee

Name: Nic Crane
Job Title: Data Scientist
Expertise: Helping organisations modernise their analytics practices and technologies
Education: Applied Social Statistics at Lancaster University

Nic Crane's story

While teaching herself coding languages as an undergraduate, Nic realised that she wanted to pursue a career as a developer. However, as many of us know, a technical career path isn’t straight forward and after finding her feet at IBM, Nic has taken on the role of ‘Data Scientist’ at Mango, where she demonstrates her statistical background and love of coding daily.

Nic works on a variety of projects, but specialises predominantly in delivering training courses and helping clients modernise their analytics practices and technologies. Nic has said she loves being a Data Scientist and working at Mango: “A proactive attitude is welcomed, so I’ve had the opportunity to determine my own career path and develop my ideas into workable solutions”.

Nic enjoys being challenged and welcomes any opportunity to deepen and broaden her skills. She said: “While Data Science is a vast field —and the world seems to be catching on to the idea that there's no such thing as the ‘data science unicorn’— my aim is to have a better understanding of the areas I'm less familiar with. I also want to get involved in more community events, plus my competitive side is keen to participate in more Kaggle competitions.”

Nic believes the tech industry is a great place to be a woman; particularly within the R community as there are some great initiatives that promote diversity, such as the R-Forwards sub-community.


How Mango Solutions see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

The data landscape is constantly changing. However, over the next five years, we expect to see more organisations engaging in the data-driven approach. We know we’ll see more decisions —particularly complex decisions— made quickly using data, in conjunction with artificial intelligence.

With this comes the challenge of moving to Machine Learning and deploying the right algorithms. We’re advocates for artificial intelligence, but we want to be part of the education process to help organisations harness the power of their data, in the right way.

We’re also seeing the analytics revolution driving innovation into areas such as DevOps and DataOps; as teams need to embrace standardisation development techniques and practices, such as version control and continuous integration. This creates growth opportunities for all of us in the analytics community.