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Much of the UK business world faces two sizeable, urgent challenges – a shortage of women in STEM careers and a general lack of data specialists. It’s clear that one answer to both challenges lies in empowering and encouraging more women to become data scientists and that’s why we’re delighted to partner with WiD to help inspire, educate and support women into the data industry.


Spotlight on Theresa Offwood-le Roux

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Name: Theresa Offwood-le Roux
Job Title: Data Scientist, Experian UK DataLabs
Expertise: Helping businesses solve strategic marketing and risk-management problems through an advanced data analysis process, research and development.
Education: BSc in Mathematics and Statistics, BSc Hons and PhD in Advanced Mathematics of Finance

Theresa Offwood-le Roux's story

Theresa Offwood-le Roux is a rising star in the world of data science and part of Experian’s UK DataLabs team. Her role at Experian is to explore new avenues to take things to the next level; both by developing new products for Experian and by engaging with clients to leverage their data, in combination with Experian’s, to tackle unique challenges. Making sense of the data, unlocking insights and helping organisations realise their true potential is part of her day-to-day role. The application of big data technologies and machine learning is an integral part of the process.

Working at Experian, she has access to a sheer variety of data and problems to solve. With the support of the wider team, she is helping Experian break new ground using some of the biggest and broadest data sets in the world. At the heart of this work they are using data to help consumers and businesses make more data-driven decisions.

Originally from South Africa, Theresa quit a successful banking job to move countries and completely change her career path at the same time. Her talent wasn’t easy to ignore and was quickly snapped up by a start-up based in London, which gave her the opportunity to get her foot into the industry door. Hard work, determination, courage, some humility and most importantly, having a support structure of family and friends have been the ingredients for her, so far, successful career in STEM. And it’s only the beginning. Now that she has settled into London life, she wants to use her expertise and experience to inspire the next generation of young women, wanting to get into STEM.

For her, it was always risky going into such a male dominated industry, but this never blocked her from what she wanted to do. She willingly took a few steps back in her career to make the change into data science, but she couldn’t be happier and is looking forward to what challenges are waiting for her in the future.


How Experian see the data landscape changing in the UK in the next 5 years

The acceleration of technology means that we now live in a world built on data - it is everywhere, forever growing in value and significance. It has the potential to make hugely positive changes to the way we all live and work.

In this high-speed, interactive landscape, data analytics is already making significant and beneficial changes to our world. If we can make the most out of its huge capacity for good, data can drastically improve outcomes and drive stronger relationships between businesses and their customers along the way.

Data is changing nearly every aspect of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. The way we purchase goods, run our businesses, treat medical patients, and manage our finances are all increasingly shaped by data. It’s the key to solving some of society’s biggest problems; famine, disease, poverty and ineffective education.

The future is packed with opportunity and we must make sure we are willing and ready to move with the times. We are all living through a period of exciting, widespread technological change. We need to be prepared to take on the challenges and embrace the many opportunities that the data revolution brings.



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