Data coach - Power of Coaching for Data Leaders

Virtual Meet-up - Wednesday 30th March at 1pm

Data coach – Power of Coaching for Data Leaders

Virtual Meet-up – Wednesday 30th March 1pm

In a time where expert senior data leadership is needed now more than ever in all kinds of organisations, we’re still finding a gap between an organisation’s understanding of what data leadership is, and those who could do the job but don’t feel adequately prepared.

Why? Because asking for help may be interpreted as a sign that you aren’t “the” expert. But that’s wrong…everyone needs guidance, support, and a friendly ear, from the C-suite to the new hire. Coaching for Data Leaders helps address many of the challenges you may face, whether it be technical know-how, how to present your data strategy to the board, or just having an expert voice to share ideas, and experiences with. Having a Data Coach can narrow the gap. The panel will be discussing the challenges, the reasons why data coaching is beneficial and why it’s so important right now.

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Anthea DeSyllas Photo 2022

Anthea DeSyllas

Anthea DeSyllas has been helping businesses carve out competitive advantages through data for more than 20 years. By helping organisations understand their data, she’s enhanced customer propositions and experiences to drive organisational progress, time and time again. Her experience largely comes from her years with world-leading FMCGs and retailers, although today she takes pleasure in applying her knowledge and experience to new sectors and businesses. More recently, she has taken great enjoyment and satisfaction from her coaching work, supporting and enabling future CDO’s.

Throughout her career, Anthea has amassed international experience working in the USA and leading teams of data scientists across Europe and Asia, working across capabilities spanning from category management and price and promotions to customer analytics, market research and communications and media.

Janita Sluurman Eurofiber

Janita Sluurman

Janita Sluurman is Head of Data at Eurofiber Group, a fast-growing organization where data is crucial. She helps to realize this growth through the correct use of data. For this she has set up a diverse team to embed data management and a data-driven mindset. Eurofiber is currently developing artificial intelligence to better predict and positively influence business results. With her background in MA Communication Sciences, Janita knows how to make the connection between IT and business.

J Agnes 2021

Jennifer Agnes

Jennifer Agnes is the Managing Director of the Cynozure Group US, a data and analytics strategy consultancy helping businesses create a better future for all through the positive and open use of data. She has successfully merged her years of hands-on business expertise in risk and data management with her love of helping people understand the value data brings to life. Her experience includes being the Group Chief Data Officer at Schneider Electric, Chief Data Officer for Risk & Finance at Credit Suisse and multiple leadership roles in Risk Management, Six Sigma and Enterprise Data management and reporting at GE Capital.