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16th May – Hastings Direct

16th May – Hastings Direct
Women in Data UK and Hastings Direct are pleased to invite you to the Hilton London Bankside hotel for a technical presentation, insight into how to succeed and thrive in business and the opportunity to network with a wide range of data practitioners.

Who should attend? All levels of data practitioner with an interest in how data works within insurance and data practioners with ambitions to build their careers in business.

Sessions and Topics
Peter Kelly – Interpretability; The Next Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

Lucy Johnson – From Branch Banking (singleton) to Insurance ExCo (married mum) in 17 years (a sofa session with Payal Jain, WiD UK Chair)

Helen Edwards, Trainee Actuary – Application of Technical Models in Insurance

Location and times
When: 18.00 – 20.30 on Thursday, 16 May 2019
Where: Hilton London Bankside, Great Suffolk Street, Bankside, London. SE1 0UG.


Name: Peter Kelly, Director for Actuarial and Data Science

Title: Interpretability; The Next Frontier of Artificial Intelligence


Peter Kelly is Director for Actuarial and Data Science at Hastings Direct. Peter leads a number of teams which develop the models that determine the price of insurance products which Hastings Direct sells to UK drivers and homeowners. In his 25-year career within the insurance industry, Peter has worked in over 20 countries and developed pricing capabilities using a variety of machine learning techniques. An accomplished speaker and award-winning author, Peter has a keen insight into the way that analytical techniques and human judgement interact within the process of decision-making for insurance pricing.


The last two decades have seen the migration of Artificial Intelligence from a data processing obscurity to an accepted set of commonplace tools in modern businesses. Unfortunately, some of today’s methods achieve predictive power at the expense of practical interpretability. In this session, we will explore how a test-and-confirm approach, incorporating human analysis and judgement, can make or break the potential success of an insight derived from Artificial Intelligence. We will also see how sound analytical process management and oversight will become more (not less) important as technologies evolve and analytical automation enter the workplace.

Name: Lucy Johnson, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer

Title: From Branch Banking (singleton) to Insurance ExCo (married mum) in 17 years (a sofa session with Payal Jain, WiD UK Chair)


First and foremost Lucy is passionate about leadership and delivers success through her ability to build a team of capable and energetic colleagues who are keen to make a difference. Lucy’s analytical mind-set has enabled her to lead businesses where there is a competitive advantage for those organisations who develop and deploy data-led strategies most effectively.

As Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer and a member of the Executive Committee at Hastings, Lucy leads her teams to drive profitable growth, which includes the deployment of market leading pricing strategies. Before joining Hastings in 2013, Lucy spent 13 years at Barclays. Starting in the Retail Bank with roles spanning all areas, she then moved to Barclaycard, specialising in UK consumer lending. Her final position in Barclaycard was as Managing Director for Small Business Cards – leading the portfolio to double digit income and profit growth.

Lucy is a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace and plays an active role in sponsoring, supporting and encouraging other women across the company.

Lucy lives on the south coast with her husband and son and loves to travel and explore new places.


What does it take to become a leading woman in business? Hear an honest portrayal of the highs (and the lows) taking Lucy from an inexperienced graduate to a business executive and mum.


Name: Payal Jain


Payal is a Managing Director at JCURV. Payal has been in the Banking and Finance industry for the last 18 years, and is passionate about having a broader impact on organisations across the UK, by helping companies radically change the way they leverage data, by combining this with lean and agile ways of working. Previous to this, Payal was on the Executive Committee of a FTSE250 Bank and a Managing Director of Strategic Analytics at Barclays, responsible for all the analytics in the UK and European Credit Card division with a team of 150 people across 8 countries. Payal also supports several charities by helping organisations become more efficient by focusing on their mission and ensuring they measure their results and impact effectively. In 2016, Payal was recognised as the most influential data professional in the DataIQ Top 100 leaders in the UK. Payal completed a degree in mathematics and teaching at the University of Oxford, and a masters in Management Science and Operational Research at Warwick Business School.

Name: Helen Edwards, Trainee Actuary

Title: Application of Technical Models in Insurance


I am a Trainee Actuary with eight years of experience, working primarily in pricing within the general insurance industry. I attained a first-class honours degree in Mathematics whilst working full time and I am currently studying for the actuarial exams as a member of the IFoA.

I have always loved learning new things and discovered my passion for statistics at College. Data has been a big part of my working life since I first started as an MI Analyst producing reports for management. I am now involved in building statistical models and enjoy finding the unexpected within my data.

I live by the beautifully sunny seaside in Eastbourne.


Using a technical model case study we will look at why these models add value to our business, including an examination of trends and interactions.