Do you fancy a brain workout for you and your kids? Why not try chess?

Malcolm Pein is a chess professional who formed a charity to reintroduce chess in state schools in 2009.

A game that focusses on logic, strategy and data is now being taught in over 800 primary school classrooms each week across the UK. Malcolm is passionate about encouraging more girls to join this community, to showcase their natural talent for this game and for parents to understand the benefits chess can bring to their family.

Listen to how we can encourage children, adults and families to learn new skills, whilst having fun together and providing a brain workout! We guarantee that after listening to this session, you will be dusting off your chess board this week ready for this new challenge!

On your marks, get set…..GO!

Watch the charity event video and download a Chess for Children voucher!

Malcolm Pein

Over the Board

International Master since 1985, this is the level below Grandmaster. Former British Junior Champion and chess professional.


Chess Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph for over 30 years. Commentated on chess for BBC, Sky TV, Independent Television News and CNN, BBC Radio 5 and BBC World Service. Author of numerous books on chess.


Trained over 20 national and world junior champions. In the mid 80s I worked in Tower Hamlets and turned it into the strongest UK Borough at primary school level with a team formed exclusively of firstgeneration immigrant children for whom English was a foreign language.

Chess Shop and Publishing

In 1992 founded the London Chess Centre, a games store in central London. It remains a focal point for chess activity in the UK and publishes CHESS magazine.


Appointed Chess Internet Consultant to IBM Corporate for the Kasparov v Deep Blue match in 1997 and advised them on the development and presentation of which became the biggest website in the history of the Internet at the time.

Event Management

Responsible for the pre-planning of the World Chess Championship match between Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik in London 2000. In 2002 appointed Technical Director of the ‘Brains in Bahrain’ match between Vladimir Kramnik and the computer program Fritz. In 2009 I raised funds for and staged the 1st London Chess Classic, Britain’s most prestigious event for 25 years. The London Chess Classic has run every year since 2009 and four world champions; Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen have participated. In 2016 the LCC became the final leg of the Grand Chess Tour to which I was appointed to the Management at the outset, before resigning in 2019.

Chess in Schools and Communities

As a result of the success of the 2009 London Chess Classic, in 2010 I formed a charity with the aim of reintroducing chess to state schools. Head teachers were receptive to, and approving of my innovative approach, which was to have chess taught formally in the primary school classroom through a specially devised 30-week curriculum, as opposed to delivering chess via the traditional afterschool or lunch time club. This ensured an equal number of girls and boys had the opportunity to learn the game and this participation is reflected in the numbers that attend CSC tournaments. Typically, a UK chess event will have fewer than 5% female participation. In CSC events that number is usually above 30%/

The charity grew quickly and from the 80 schools supported in year one, CSC now teaches chess in 350 schools and 800 classrooms weekly. Nearly 1000 more schools have received support in the form of equipment, training or learning materials. I developed a training course for chess tutors and CSC has recruited and trained over 300 chess teachers. I developed a funding model in which the school pay half the cost and the rest is covered by fundraising. The charity has since expanded its offering to older people and, in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, prisons. We received two awards from the Sports and Recreation Alliance in 2013 and 2014.

Corporate Sponsorship

I secured sponsorship for the charity from Barclaycard in the period 2013-2016 and in my role for the Grand Chess Tour I was instrumental in securing sponsorship from Vivendi / Canal Plus and Colliers International. In 2016 I secured sponsorship of the England Chess team from Jupiter Asset Management.

English Chess Federation and England Team

In 2016 I was appointed English Chess Federation delegate to the European Chess Union and the Federation Internationale D’Echecs. I regularly represent the interests of English chess in international forums. In 2018 I stood for the post of Deputy President of FIDE. Also in 2016, I was made Manager/Captain of the England team. In 2016 We defeated China at the Chess Olympiad in Baku. In 2019 England took the silver medals at the World Team Championships at Astana, our best result for over 20 years and later that year at Batumi England took the bronze medals at the European Team Championships.

About Chess in Schools and Communities

Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) is a UK charity whose mission is to improve children’s educational outcomes and social development by introducing them to the game of chess. Founded in 2009, CSC now runs over 1,000 projects across the UK in schools, libraries and prisons and a world-class tournament, the London Chess Classic each December.

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About is the world’s largest scholastic chess site, with more than one million kids playing fast chess, doing puzzles, watching videos, and challenging the bots. More than 20 million games have been played between children on the site. ChessKid’s number one priority is safety. The site also partners with coaches, schools, organizations, and national federations around the world to offer a fun learning environment. A special 30-week online curriculum that fosters necessary critical-thinking skills is available to all educators to help allow chess to be taught as an educational subject.

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