Ep.108 Pranjali’s Guide to Securing Your First Data Science Role

By admin 2 months ago

In this episode of the Women in Data podcast, we dive deep into the remarkable career of Pranjali Ajay Parse, a data scientist at Autodesk, as she shares her journey into the dynamic world of data science. This episode is a must for anybody who wishes to land their first data science role. 

Pranjali outlines her journey from mobile app development to the emerging world of data science which was booming across a range of industries, recounts her journey from India to the USA and explains the power of courses, education and internships to get a role. Pranjali also explains of the power of taking on leadership roles, including hers as an ambassador for women in data science with a major US college.

Listen to learn practical tips on how to land your first data science role and discover Pranjali’s unique journey into the data space and her transition between cultures.

Pranjali on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pranjali-ajay-parse/
Get mentored by Pranjali – https://topmate.io/pranjali_ajay_parse 
Pranjali on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/@pranjali_parse 

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