She Leads Change - 23rd November 2020

23rd November

Break through Leadership Step up and remove your internal and external barriers

Timings: 4.00pm – 5.30pm 23rd November


This session is a practical taster of the She Leads Change flagship programmeLeading From Within. If you’re trying to break through to your next position, manage a new role, or progress a difficult conversation this workshop will help you!

During the session you will get clarity of what you truly desire, explore your personal internal and external barriers, better position yourself to positively influence, get your voice heard and be properly seen – and leave with clear and achievable targeted action to enable your breakthrough.

The session will use coaching techniques combined with diverse educational principles, including: prescencing, U-Theory, non-violent communication and somatic experience.

Your three key takeaways

After this session, you will:

  • Have clarity of what’s holding you back and how to change this and step up
  • Have practiced different techniques to help move you forward
  • Leave with specific targeted action you will take to enable your personal breakthrough

We invite you to experience our She Leads Change framework examining:

  • Self: Where are you coming from? What’s holding you back?
  • Others: How are you showing up with others? What barriers and opportunities are coming up from others?
  • System: What are the systemic barriers you face? Where do you have personal power for change?

You’ll also hear about both She Leads Change programmes ‘Leading From Within’ to find out how you can better reach into your own potential and ‘Leading Collective Impact’ to understand how you can create large-scale multi-stakeholder change.

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Why we are partnering with WiD

“A data community big and strong enough to make a difference” – Liz Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Since 2015, Women in Data has been specifically raising awareness and promoting opportunity for women in data and tech roles where gender parity has been significantly lacking for many years. She Leads Change is a significant promoter of diversity and talent development focusing on empowering women who want to lead change through its unique transformational programmes. She Leads Change is a movement deep and personal enough to create sustained transformation and welcomes supporting the Women in Data community with increasing inclusivity and impact in the data space.

Who is She Leads Change?

She Leads Change, is a unique leadership organisation that provides confidence, coaching, community and capabilities to enable women to lead more courageously, authentically and effectively. Whatever you want to achieve, we always start with you.

We are a social enterprise founded in late 2017 to support females leading positive change in the world.

With a transformative approach to leadership for women driving change and innovation, we allow change-makers to better hear their own voice, inform choices, navigate relationships and engage positively within existing systems. We offer profound personal shifts through a mixture of structured programme content, peer learning, co-creation and individualised coaching.

We offer two programmes:

Leading from Within: Over a three-month curated journey, this programme provides a safe, nourishing space for reflection, realisation, experimentation and self-actualisation. It is designed to get under the skin of the things that worry and hold individuals back, to give them courage to live with purpose, to develop strong bonds that can see them through tough times and to celebrate the wins. Most of all it is envisaged to give change agents the power of a community of amazing, like-minded women, so they can get on, create maximum impact and be their best self.

Leading Collective Impact: This 4-month programme pushes the boundaries in leadership development. We deepen the leadership capacity of participants to enable a more systemic, multi-stakeholder response to some of today’s most pressing challenges. At the same time, participants are nurtured to grow confidence, purpose and authenticity as leaders leading change, collectively. Participants in 2021 will develop plans to better work with with diversity, equity and inclusion within themselves, their organisations and broader systems.

Today, more the 500 women have undertaken She Leads Change programmes with participants coming from diverse backgrounds, range of organisations, varying levels of experience, different ages and life stages and varied socio-economic backgrounds. These women are now making shift happen in their worlds with the continued support of being in the She Leads Change community.