Databricks - 27th November 2020

27th November 2020

Title: Apache Spark Programming with Databricks


Skills – Beginner level SQL or Python, no previous Spark or Databricks experience required.

Tech – Laptop, computer or tablet with keyboard and stable internet. Up to date versions of chrome / safari / firefox. Edge will see some performance degradation, IE and mobile browsers not supported.

This course is driven by an e-Commerce case study that explores the fundamentals of Spark Programming with Databricks. You will start by identifying the major components of the Databricks and Spark ecosystem, and exploring data in the Databricks environment. You will then demonstrate core Spark SQL concepts and learn to navigate the DataFrame API. After ingesting data from various formats, you will process and analyze datasets by applying a variety of DataFrame transformations and Column expressions. Lastly, you will process different types of data using specialized sets of built-in functions.

Course Timings – 9:30am – 4:30pm GMT
Q&A – 4:30pm – 5:00pm GMT
Lunch is at 12pm GMT, 7 mins breaks at roughly the top of each hour

Holly Smith

Senior Solutions Consultant

Holly Smith has over a decade of experience working with Data & AI teams in a variety of capacities from individual contributors all the way up to leadership. She has spent the last two years at Databricks working with many multi national companies as they embark on their journey to develop their data maturity.

She also works with the non profits Datakind UK and Tech Talent Charter to advise on data strategy and operations.