Data and its importance for Women’s Safety

WiD Week Flagship Event - Keynote speaker: Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft UK
Add to Calendar 11/25/2021 16:00 11/25/2021 18:00 Europe/London WiD Week – Flagship Event – Data and its importance for Women’s Safety Join us here: Meeting ID: 884 2442 5334 Passcode: 325800 Virtual

Keynote speaker: 

Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft UK

The panel: 

Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft UK

Holly Armitage, Principal Strategist at BAE Systems

Melanie Heslop, Founder at Victim Campaign

Nicola Klein, Chief Data & Operations Officer at Kantar Public


Data and its importance for Women’s Safety


This year, Women in Data’s flagship session will focus on women’s safety. It is a topic that affects us all and one which has been brought to the forefront in light of recent significant events. We will take a look at how data can shape and improve the safety of women in our society and the challenges that need to be overcome.

Keynote speaker: Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft UK

From an Apache Helicopter electrical and armament repairer serving in the US Army to the Chief Data Officer of Microsoft UK, Robin Sutara’s career journey is beyond inspiring and is unique. Today, Robin is not only an advocate of data-driven decisions, but also is deeply passionate about connecting, inspiring and growing women technologists, and believes that gender diversity generates innovation.

Join Robin for this keynote, in which she’ll be sharing insight into her inspiring career journey, what truly matters to her today and why she’s stayed at Microsoft for over 20 years. Hear from Robin about her perspective of Women’s safety and Data, and the social impact she and the organisation have been driving, followed by the opportunity for Q&A.

Data and its importance for Women’s Safety – the expert panel

Join us as industry experts, survivors and technologists come together to discuss a topic that has a deepwide and highly troubling impact on society: “Data and its importance for Women’s Safety”. This topic will be explored and debated, while focussing on how data strategy, protection, ethics and exploitation affect our lives. Protecting women is at the forefront of many political and policing agendas currently. Women in Data will examine how Data and Tech experts can bring insight and support to this incredibly important issue.

Women in Data will be joined by Policing Data Experts, Data and Technology Leaders and those impacted by femicide, rape and violence. We call upon our community to learn, engage and affect change at this deeply significant time when there is an opportunity to be a positive voice for greater awareness and new measures.

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    Flagship - 25nd November